Sunday, March 29, 2015

Saved by a smile

Truly, it has been sometime since I have actually seat down to seriously right a blogpost - this blog is covered in much more than dust :p Although, I have been active on instagram and of course taking the hobby of journaling using the Midori Traveller’s Notebook (I shall share some of its wonders in further blogposts). Also with work coming along - I have been soldiering on in this not so new place now and I'm glad things seem to be taking a good turn after a year! So, with things going steady I can take the time to catch up with things that I miss doing. 
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Well, my new team (less than a year old) at work is a full fledge female team ~LOL! Imagine all the fun that we have, and guess what all of them have great smiles – in fact, I truly believe that I am the only one with a horrendous smile. Even the youngest in my team has gotten her braces, and I totally give up by disclaiming very loudly "Ok, I give up - I do not have the guts to get braces, and so I’ll just settle with accepting that I will never have a sexay hot smile and accept that I'll forever be cute with my smile".... Long story short - I have a case of bunny teeth - like seriously, I could easily shave of watermelon *now, imagine that and laugh*
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Anyway, as faith has it I stumbled upon Nuffnang having this contest on Invisalign treatment, and boy am I interested to win this *small hope of getting a glorious and beautiful smile*
Imagine looking like this for the rest of your life!!!!!
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You know my bunny teeth was really a blunder by my dentist when I was way younger, my new sets of teeth were growing before my baby teeth were off - So, I was force to pull of four (yes, you are right - FOUR healthy) front teeth to make space for the two new ones coming out. The dentist had told me to push the two new teeth daily using my tongue to ensure that it will be in line with the rest as it goes - what he didn't tell me? When to stop. So, I over pushed it and taddaa! glorious rabbit teeth that could easily scrape watermelons! Anyway, since then I didn't really know how to smile and was not confident smiling at all - I grow up with tons of awkward looking pictures or pictures that makes me look grumpy. 

...and one fine day, I realize my cute lil bunny teeth smile saved my ass during Piano Examination
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I don't really remember how old I was back then, but I was really young - having me wait for an examination at a very quiet and long hallway of a hotel to enter a hotel room with an examiner is scary as hell - low self confidence? Not helping. Anyway, I needed to pass the piano examination all because I have an Asian mother (like failing is a choice *sarcasm*). Anyway, I entered the room with tears in my eyes and nervous as hell. I remember messing up quite bad cause I wasn't listening to the piece that the examiner was playing which I was suppose to sing the tune/beat back. After the second piece, he realized that I was breaking down cause I kept singing out of tune - it was embarrassing as I have been practicing day in and day out for the examination and taking up extra classes for singing. He then stopped and smiled at me - being the nervous wreck that I was I didn't know what to do but to show him the full fledge of my rabbit teeth smile with tears in my eyes. 

He, then realize that I was failing so bad because I was too anxious and eager to pass - but he did comment to say that I was brave enough to smile at him through my tears; it was a good start for trying to keep my composure. So he gave me a glass of water and tried to calm me down - in the end, he gave me a second chance and needless to say I passed the test! But since then, I learned to work my rabbit-teeth-charm every time I'm at a lost - and recently my boyfriend has learned to recognised it since I’ve used it so many times! I've used it when we were in Taiwan, when I didn't know what the rest of the people were talking about around me. I've used it when someone is asking for direction and I don't know shit, and most importantly I realize people let me off the hook easier when I smile and told them to wait while I figure out an answer to their question. 

There you go~that was how my rabbit toothy smile saved me the first ever time!