Monday, December 16, 2013

In the spirit of Christmas - Being Thankful

This calls for a celebrating, two blogpost consecutively. Ha! just because once I get the mojo it'll last for a week or so, and begone for a few months :p


Remember the new workplace that I talked about? Oh well, I'm proud of it I tell you- despite the culture might not be one that I like, when i say culture here I meant the formal-ness and the dressing know how much I hate dressing up in office wear. Anyhow, I'm proud in the sense that the company owns up to its own mistakes, and also won't hold back in giving back to society.

One fine day after lunch,as we (colleagues and I) are walking back in our lobby & found a project being organized where wishlists of underprivileged children were hang on the tree. People at our workplace could pick one (or more) of the wishlist to fulfil - we just have to buy the present and leave it under the tree with the wishlist attached so that they will know who's present it is. So my colleagues and I decided to take one each. Simply because of the spirit of giving...and well - the wishlist has really thought me to be thankful for what I have.

Be honest, I was to ask you for your wishlist - it would be somewhere along those lines of, you know, buying you an Iphone, Ipad, new laptop, game console..and the list goes on and on and on....BUT, things that these kids asked for? It's basic simple necessities - shower gel, and the only extra request they asked for is just for it to be fragrant.  God! the moment I saw the wishlist - I felt like I was the biggest most greedy asshole in the entire world. Gah! So anyway - the department that I was in got to know of the project and majority of them took part in it. So proud!!!! :D OK la~ I get going....

So people, if you can afford to give to others - remember its a blessing. Practice this whenever, wherever - the spirit of giving. Do it because you can and everyone....HAPPY CHRISTMAS! 

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