Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Disney's Frozen

I'VE JUST WATCHED THIS!!!!! Bloody awesome I tell you - I'm so in love with this song!

and a cuter one?
I've been dying to watch this after hearing "let it go" and boy I sure didn't regret the wait! :) As of usual, the movie emphasizes the power of love - it's a Disney Movie after all *shurgs* BUT, this time around it's another type of love -it's not the usual true love's kiss! *swoon* If you have not watch it - please please please go watch it!!!

and you can't forget the two wonderful wonderful characters and the most random may I add in this movie


Credit goes to whoever own this picture :)

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Charis said...

Oh, you still blog! I got tons of questions to ask you bout signing in to blogspot! Buzz me when ure free to entertain me and my questions =)