Monday, December 16, 2013

A long overdue sincere blogpost: A New Environment

How long has it been since I've sat down and written a honest & sincere blogpost - LONG! I've started work with my new company for a few months now: say close to three months? It's very different from my previous working environment as this is a corporate company - imagine this: from a very relaxed based, wearing jeans and t-shirt to work and *poof* 180 degree change of a corporate culture and wearing what? formal clothing. Of course it takes time to adjust and adapt!

But hey, I ain't discarding what I've learned from my previous working experiences- and hey, you will be surprised how much of it came into use.

I've met many wonderful & interesting people in my new place- and each of them have different stories to share. It's funny how some of us has similar backgrounds or have had similar experiences but yet different stories altogether. Some have taught me to watch my back and to watch what I've said, and some have taught me not to hold back - cause hey! there's no interest gained in holding it in (credits to: you know who you are).

Frankly, in my short span of time in this company - I've said many hellos and even more goodbyes. But, one thing to keep in mind is that it is not forever... It's all our own efforts, don't be happy by the hellos today if you can't keep it up till tomorrow. I mean, yeah, be thankful that u even made that first "hello" but what I'm saying here is that - if it is not a hello that would last to the few days or a few weeks after, then well... would the goodbye be necessary? I guess I'm just not good a putting down my thoughts, so yeah, that whole paragraph that you just read - discard it if you don't understand it, don't dwell.

I've been really crazy in this new working environment of mind, I'm seated with people who don't mind my sudden outburst of verbal diharrhea, laughing fits, or even my need to be vulgar. This person has taught me to be as true to my feelings as I can - of course we'll also have to see the environment we are in. For that, I thank this person from the bottom of my heart. Please know that the workplace is more bearable and motivating because of your presence.

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