Sunday, September 01, 2013

Pastryville, Hartamas

Sometime back we went to hartamas to hunt for this pastry place my mom saw in the papers - and so coincidentally there is water disruption on the exact same day we decided to go food hunting.  So..upon arriving, mom and aunt went to hunt for a saloon to get their hair washed. While there were doing so, dad, Jackson and I went to hunt for food/snack/whatever you want to call a in between meal...and tadaaaa! found Yik Mun (cause it's right next to the supermarket where we want to buy mineral water from)
The Menu
They are so awesome that they have their own PAU!

I don't know how famous this Yik Mun pau is - but damn, they have their own frozen Pau - like you could just buy it and heat it up at home to eat!!! Ok ok, sorry I jakun-ed a bit.
Interior of the Yik Mun
After a long long long wait for my mom and aunt - finally there were done and we have done our own shopping and what not - PASTRY TIME!!!!!
Interior of the place

love the idea of the divider

counter facing the door

close up of the divider

now you know the name of the place


the deco


The place was awesome, and has a very cozy feel to it - to the point I didn't want to leave but we would be hogging the area---> so yeah

Actually it felt very atas lar, but at the same time the place feels warm and all. I could literally just stay there and read a book. Aaaa~I want to go back...but - I have no idea how to get there :p it feels really far when I was sitting in the car..

Hungry just looking at the pics - why do I torture myself so? I'm going to hunt for food now~