Wednesday, August 21, 2013

"Share the Softness with Kleenex Natural" Contest

As you all know (or not know), I love receiving mails - there is a strange happiness that comes from seeing your own name on the envelope....or postcard....or parcel for that matter. More so, if the contents inside is FREE! :p 

Hey! you should all know by now I'm Princess Cheapo ok? If not, go read my blogpost about My Cheapest Date Ever like srsly, go read it. So, anyway,  I was hanging around my dining area today, as my dear Kitty was exploring the 1st floor (obviously that is where my dining area is at). All of a sudden, I heard a motorcycle honk and soon my dog, Happy, started barking - follow by a rather loud "postman" (the postman was declaring himself a postman to alert us that he's no stranger?) 

So being the "happy to receive post" me...I rushed (ok la, i exaggerated, I walked dwn the stairs k? I didn't rush as per say >,<) to the gates. The postman went "kar yee?" and I just nod my head and we did the usual pls sign here and here thingy and I got my envelope. I was wondering what it was as I did not buy anything online. So, imagine my surprise when I got this! 

This is the prize from the "Share the Softness with Kleenex Natural" Facebook contest - although,  I can't really put my finger one when I've joined it. I vaguely remember doing it - but meh! WAS SO HAPPY TO GET FREE STUFF! even though, it's just tissue, but it's FUNCTIONAL- not to mention BRAND NEW~!

ok lar, i advert abit coz i get free stuff :p
The kleenex that I got right, it's apparently new. The particular when that I received is a pack of 50s, and damn nice lar coz it's 3 ply right. Then I'm also a little environmental friendly, which means I tend to either tear a tissue in half and share with someone so that instead of using two we use one, OR I kinda take of the "plies?" like if the tissue is 2 ply right, den I just separate the two ply lor.

and, and,and ,...wait for it..the best part! 
The new Kleenex Natural right is infused with CUCUMBER EXTRACT, can?! damn it's really "taking softness to another level" - as they claim in the letter that comes with the tissue. 
 Also right, they are so nice - they also sent like 3 postcards with really nice quotes on it. I really really really like it. Especially the first and third one..hehe~ want me to send one of them to you? :p
Quote One
Quote Two
Quote Three

 OK! I'm done being cheapo/sampat/kiasu d~
I need to sleep -whether you can read and comprehend my blogpost is beyond me...cause I feel like I just spazz alot of nonsense...
Good Night peeps~and to some, GOOD MORNING and have a great day!!! ^.^

p/s: saw a vid on FB today of a sweet couple's trip to genting - and I really like the song which they used. Found out that it was this I shall just post it here :p

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