Tuesday, August 20, 2013

reUNIon :p

Weird tittle huh? Seriously, a reunion of my Uni mates after ages! OMG~I missed just talking to them so much. It's like therapy for me - more like a support group (lol)... and the title..well, we are UNI mates and reunion has Uni in it...geddit geddit? 

Anyway, I had so much fun just being there and listening (and talking too la, but I did my fair share of listening ok? I promise) Gathering was in Nando's although Charis and I had dinner beforehand as I was running a little late doing chores, and didn't want them to wait and also cause I wanted to save money (housewife material, oh yeah! :p actually, it's just cause I'm princess cheapo lar)

Aliza would be leaving for the UK soon to further her studies, and I wish (with all my cheapo heart) that we will meet again before she leaves for more catching up and gossiping ;) Topics for the night? 

1.Choices of Uni
2.The "bad day" for Aliza
3.Graduation for the three of them (and how two of them may not attend)
4.Gossips about work
5.Gossips about individuals (yeah, we r shallow that way :p)

That's a lot to read right? 
Here, have a look at our picture first for a breather :p anyway, Charis didn't want to have a picture with us cause she was looking tired. So, she promised that we will have a complete group picture during our next outing (and I pray there will be one - thanks to our hectic schedules) 
Trio out of the four, as Charis refuse to take a picture with us
Even after catching up with the 5 topics mentioned above, we still didn't update each other ENOUGH! we had to stop cause Aliza needs to be home. sighs, though we did topic hop a lot between the five topics... I think we only like totally complete 3 out of 5 of the topics above, as in to really come to a conclusion. Oh, oh! Did I ever tell you guys how expressive my friends could be - be it verbally or physically or gesture-ly? The picture below could be prove...Aliza has her tones and gestures diarrhoea yesterday  when she was telling us about her awfully bad day - even I agree that it was sucky, so it is really really bad. Seriously, coming from a person who has sucky day everyday (me), so I am rather credible of whether a person has a bad day or not :p and "bad day of the week" award goes to Aliza! round applause, please :p
The many expressions
Ok, that was a diarrhoea of rant for a blogpost. I think I better hit the sacks now :p
good night good people of the web~

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