Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Modbox for August 2013

Yay! *celebration* My first beauty box! From Modbox and I've gotten myself the August box. Truthfully, Modbox wasn't the first beauty box that I ordered, but it was the first to arrive- and that requires COMPLIMENTS! round applause to the team!!!! 

I've heard about beauty boxes some time ago, but have never gotten the chance to sign up for one.. and like anything else, it slipped my mind. Until.. I've no idea why but I decided to look it up again one fine day...and tadaaa~ I found various blogs that did comparison between the many beauty box that is in the market now (if you want to know which blogspot/blog in particular that I read from, leave a msg - cause I have no idea if the owner of the blog is ok with me sharing her link -,-ll)
Choice given~
I like how Modbox gives us choices, unlike the other beauty boxes - we only know what we're getting when we get the box. It's actually my first time seeing a beauty box which allows us to choose what we are receiving...damn excited. On a sidenote, I'm not saying that Modbox is the first or is the only beauty box who does this yeah, it's only my first time seeing and I'm not an expert in this field ;) 
Delivery to my doorstep! 
Can you imagine how excited I got when I was given the parcel?! I went out with my mom in the morn to run some errands and when I came home, my neighbour passed the parcel to me. They are so awesome right? I mean which neighbour would actually do that for you? :p Anyhow, I was really excited to get it, but I wasn't sure which box this is - as I've mentioned earlier, I've also ordered another beauty box. 
The Box! 
 *tadaaaaaaaa~* look at what greeted me when I opened the package!!! I love compact stuff, did I ever mention that? I don't think so :p so here it is all small and cute and cuddly (not very cuddly la, coz it's afterall cardboard -,-) 

I love the personal touch
I like how the Modbox team took the time to personally write my name instead of having it printed or not even addressing by name. Good work, good work! ^^ 
The products! 
Oooo~I like the baby pink paper that is used, and the feel of it - Ok, I sound a little autistic but yeah, u get what I mean ;) I'm just so so so so so happy to get this box! I tell you ok, being the cheapo me- I feel damn excited lar ok, the box is damn value for money can? Read more la, read more...
A clearer picture of what's inside
Crabtree & Evelyn Lavender Hand Therapy (25g)
The retail price for the Crabtree & Evelyn Lavender Hand Therapy is RM 35! I could so use this right hands are getting all rough with all the house chores that is going on *cries*  I'm actually using the Gardener's range- it's rich and smells good, and I've been introduced to this by my aunt. So now that I have the Lavender one now, I came to the conclusion that Crabtree & Evelyn's hand therapy are awesome! Not only the Lavender hand cream soothing and moisturising, it smells so heavenly and calming.
Crabtree & Evelyn Extras! :D 
Oh oh! and if we choose the Crabtree & Evelyn sample over the other, then we get these extras! Somerset Meadow EDT and also Tarocco Orange Skin refreshing body lotion.  I really love the Somerset Meadow and it's a nice travel size, I put it in my cosmetic bag which I bring with me wherever I go ^^ 
Somerset Meadow EDT
On top of that, I have add on vouchers! woots~should I go and get more hand creams? I really love the handcream from Crabtree & Evelyn! 
Privia Perfect Pure Foam Cleansing
 The Privia Perfect Pure Foam Cleansing at 150ml retails at RM43. I've not tried any of the Privia products before neither have I heard of it. I've only recently started looking around at the different products in the market as I've only been using prescribed products and medication by my doctor as I have terrible acne problem and also sensitive skin (save the story for another post :p).  So, I'm looking forward to trying it. The foam cleanser actually smells really sweet, and it reminds me of cotton candy. 
Privia Perfect Magic Peeling Gel
 The Privia Perfect Magic Peeling Gel at 100ml retails at RM59. Again, I've not tried it but I'm so looking forward to trying it out. As mentioned, I've recently just started looking around for skin care products; so, I'm keeping my eyes out for good stuff and well, make up remover is of the utmost important! 

Anyhow, if you liked what you see in the blogpost then headover to Modbox's website now! The best part of the box? Wait for it....

It's only RM 9!!! (exclusive of postage) 
Delivery to Peninsular Malaysia is RM 6 and East Malaysia RM 9

Now, you tell me if this box is worth it? I paid RM15 for all of those and it is delivered to my house. It's value for money right?!

Ok, Over and Out!!!

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