Friday, August 23, 2013

Crabtree & Evelyn - Verbena & Lavender de Provence range Facebook contest

Crabtree & Evelyn has recently launch their new rance - "Verbena & Lavender de Provence". Yes, you have read right - due to the launch, Crabtree & Evelyn is having a Facebook Contest. I happen to come across it when catching up on Facebook.  It's actually rather easy, just like Crabtree & Evelyn Malaysia's Facebook page. After that, just play a game of hide and seek :p 

Front Page of the Contest 
Not so much hide and seek, more like search for specific items which are's exactly the type of game that I like!!! ^,^ A heads up though, after the introduction page, the "hunting guide" (as below) will appear and those are the items that you'll have to hunt for - BUT, when the game starts, the pictures won't appear. As in the list would be in words and not pictures; although, you could also view the picture by clicking a button ;) oh yeah! the game is only 30 seconds! Don't worry, the rules are very clear ;)
Guide to the game! 
In order to qualify in the contest, you will need to submit a creative slogan after the u want to qualify for the grand prize or not? :p but, but...there are also goodies after you complete the game! A buy one free one deal~ want to know more? Go and join the contest like me!!!! ^^ 

Like their page on Facebook : Crabtree & Evelyn Malaysia
Contest Page: Verbena & Lavender Hunt
To know more of the collection and prices: Crabtree & Evelyn Official Website for the range

Ok~hitting the sacks soon! 
Go join the contest now! and good night~~~

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