Sunday, August 18, 2013

Cosmetic Warehouse Sale in Isetan,KLCC - loot of the day

Was at KLCC over the weekend, and my mom happened to notice the "Cosmetic and Fragrance Warehouse Sale" happening in Isetan. If you are interested to go after reading the post, the sale is only until Wednesday (21/8) and it's in Isetan,KLCC 2nd floor (just opposite the Isetan Club area). 
Loot of the day!
Can you belief that I got all of these at only RM43?!!!!! I'm so glad that my mom saw the sales, and even happier that she has given the green light to go ahead and buy it! *phew* Mom's being very careful with the products I use thanks to my overly sensitive skin/face! ish~! So she's been nagging at anything and everything that I buy or use. Let me introduce you to more of my loot!  
A better look of my loot! 
 This is the Two-Way foundation case from Z.A. It's actually pink in colour and the shiny finish is a plus - I was only attracted to it at first coz it was reflecting the ceiling's light -,-ll Guess how much is it?! It's only RM 8!!!!!!
Two-Way foundation in No.34
 Now that I've bought the case, I will ofcourse have to buy the foundation lar right? If not, I buy the case for what?! The sales girl at the counter was really nice lar, despite the fact that she couldn't share information with me but she wasn't rude and she did apologize. What happened was that I wanted to know which shade of the foundation would be best for me, and well she couldn't help me cause she was only a partimer and does not know much about the products. However, she did apologize and help out as much as she could - damn nice la the attitude, I like :p So, anyhow I bought the foundation after testing it out on my hand, and I hope it works as good on my face lar since I've yet to try it - will let you guys know lar. Anyway, the foundation is on RM 15, good deal can? 
Combining the case and the foundation
 Ok lar...My first time fitting in the foundation to the case by myself ok- I know it's not rocket science lar, but then right I'm excited lar can? So here's the case with the foundation itself, and I only know about the sponge when I open the has never crossed my mind? 
There's a tape at the back of the two way foundation~awesome
Tadaaaaaa~All done! 

Blusher and pore smoother
Another two of my loot are the dual tone blush and also the pore smoother. I bought a more orange tone as I already have one (or was it two) blusher in a pink tone. This blusher doesn't have any glitter in it, so even if it doesn't work out as a blusher, I could use it as a bronzer? Guess what? I bought the blusher for RM 10 and so is the Pore smoother. I'm dying to try out my loot and see if there is any reaction to the products >,<
 The pore smoother has a balm texture to it, and as I've mentioned I've yet to try out the balm. Will blog more after I've tried out the products. I'm actually in a dilemma - cause right, the balm is actually only 6g and I suppose it will be used up quite fast? I won't know cause I've not used it before right. So, the dilemma is that if it's good then I'll regret that I've not bought more, and if it's not good right - then I've just wasted 10 bucks. So I don't know to pray if it's a good product or for it to be a bad one -,-
The shade is B3 - there were a few more shades, and my mom bought one with a pink shade
more of the blusher! ^^
So, head on over to the sale now! I actually didn't finish looking around the sale but I did see brands like marjolica(?), Kate and a few others - not to mention that there were also fragrances and like I say I didn't stick around to see everything... I repeat the sales is at

Isetan, KLCC (2nd Floor)
Opposite of the I-Club center
Sales end at 21st of August (Wednesday)

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