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CNBLUE "Blue Moon Tour Live in Malaysia 2013"

CNBLUE Blue Moon Tour Live in Malaysia 2013 - here I come!!! LOL~ So, you I went to a concert yesterday night (after a very long time of not going to one, the last time I went to a concert was in 2008 I guess - for DBSK). I"m actually still feeling the high of it right now. The boys were totally awesome in bringing the crowd the hype ;) 

Thanks for bringing me to the concert and sponsoring everything that a CNBLUE fan could ever need. I really had a lot of fun during the concert- and I must say that it is a very good de stressing therapy :p So, thank you for offering me the tickets! 

Seriously, the concert was so much fun that I can't find the words to describe it at the moment - I'm usually not into very loud rock-ish music, but CNBLUE is the exception ^^ hehe
Farrah came over to my house to get me, so that we could go to the stadium earlier (if there is a need to know, it's Stadium Negara). She also very kindly did my nails to this very galaxy-ish feeling theme - which also fits the theme of the concert. Picture below is Farrah's nails- I have similar ones done just that in alternating colours. We did grab a few bites when we arrived at the stadium knowing that there is no dinner *sadness* but the concert was worth the hunger. There were tons and tons of stalls selling food, drinks and even merchandises (but, I wont know if there are all official/original merchandise). There were also official Samsung booth to intro the new Samsung S4. After eating, we did a lot of picture taking! 
Yours Truly
As you can see in the picture below (and also above lar, have this need to draw your attention to the above picture cause yours truly is in it :p), the crowd were just crazy...and not one bit organized. There was no official queue; I was just loitering around the entrance area (actually quite far from the entrance), and suddenly I was just pushed towards the entrance...and tadaaaa! I was in the "line". There was this particular fan boy that was so annoying that both Farrah and I wanted to punch - the area where we were being pushed into by the crowd is very very near the glass door/panels. This particular boy kept pushing his friend ..and we know that he was pushing because:
1) I got so annoyed being pushed by the crowd that I turned behind to look, and what greeted me was that pushing boy pushing his friend forward on purpose using the stance below.
2) In the end, I think he ended up behind Farrah and was pushing her, so she kinda yelled at him to stop it...apparently he did a shrug and went "what?!" like he's innocent and done nothing wrong - and to tell you, after listening to that story I felt like I needed to hunt him down to teach him manners. 

Honestly, he looked younger than me - and he does look like those loser nerds who is trying to fit in and please friends. But, I don't really know, cause well obviously it's because I already don't like his actions - So, obviously I won't have positive thinking of him. Anyway, at one point in time I was pushed against the glass door, and the security was kind enough to pull me out before he close the entrance again. So to the random kind security guard - I thank you. 
Pushing boy stance...Credits to Google? i google image this >,<

The pushing crowd

The Stage before Concert

The earlier crowd from my point of view
Boice Malaysia is just so awesome, I've been reading their post on FB and even on their website about the fan projects that they are up to. I feel like there are so dedicated and loyal to CNBLUE - omg, I feel so inferior, cause I didn't want to spend money *hides in shame* So, one of the Boice Malaysia members (actually later on I saw a few of them) distributing these fanpacks to any fan who would want to participate in their project; so, to make up for my lack of loyalty and support (as compared to the official BOICE-s? I'm not sure if I should add a "s" cause there are so many of them)...I asked for a pack!! and I did that fan project thing ok~* sudden proud-ness* 
Fan Project! 
Oh, oh! not to forget I was also sitting near a group of fans and I can't help but to notice the fan that they were holding - it was just calling out to me. After much glance stolen, I braved myself up to ask if I could take a picture of their artwork. It was so creative of them, and damn was the fan cute! 
Dedicated and Creative Fans! 
Yeah, we were kinda tired from all the walking, and standing, and being pushed - and to think we have to stand for 3 hours during concert, we decided to sit down like anybody else. But, being the kiasu us - we die die also dunwan to give up the nice place; so, we just sat at where we stand - voila! the view :p I did loudly exclaim "I hope nobody farts, that's like the worst case scenrio" in hopes that if they hear me, they would be kind enough not to do it? I don't know, if I hear someone saying such a thing, then I'll try my very best to not do it on my end lor..don't know what other people will think though.
My very nice and pitiful friend,Farrah - LOL
I'm a Happy Girl! 
So, after much waiting the concert begins!!! I did not have pictures of the opening act as I was still observing my surrounding -,-ll Anyhow, the opening act was good; I really like the beat boxing - and he was good at hyping the fans as well. however, I didn't know who he was and I found out later after reading someone else's blog that he is known as "Koujee Beatbox"? I'm not very sure though, so go Google it if you are keen on knowing :p Anyhow, the concert was too awesome to describe in words - or someone with my talent just couldn't find the words to describe the concert's awesomeness. So, I'll let the pics do the talking...

Yong Hwa~! 

Jung Shin
Drummer, MinHyuk!!!! 

Jong Hyun
Froggy Yong Hwa~

The End
Oh, and the best part of the conert (minus seeing CNBLUE live) is that I met two new friends!!!! I we took Polaroid pics :D hehehe Keep in touch gals, and nice meeting you twoooooooo~
New Friends~

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Sowwie said...

Sorry I'm laaaateee. Better late than never though. Hehehe. Thanks for the shout out and for making me feel awesome *blush* next year, we save money to go to Japan (if we can) to catch their more awesome concert there!! and it was absolutely my pleasure to have you there to share it with sad old moi.
(°■°) <~ our faces throughout the concert. Hahaha