Sunday, August 25, 2013

CNBLUE "Blue Moon Tour Live in Malaysia 2013"

CNBLUE Blue Moon Tour Live in Malaysia 2013 - here I come!!! LOL~ So, you I went to a concert yesterday night (after a very long time of not going to one, the last time I went to a concert was in 2008 I guess - for DBSK). I"m actually still feeling the high of it right now. The boys were totally awesome in bringing the crowd the hype ;) 

Thanks for bringing me to the concert and sponsoring everything that a CNBLUE fan could ever need. I really had a lot of fun during the concert- and I must say that it is a very good de stressing therapy :p So, thank you for offering me the tickets! 

Seriously, the concert was so much fun that I can't find the words to describe it at the moment - I'm usually not into very loud rock-ish music, but CNBLUE is the exception ^^ hehe
Farrah came over to my house to get me, so that we could go to the stadium earlier (if there is a need to know, it's Stadium Negara). She also very kindly did my nails to this very galaxy-ish feeling theme - which also fits the theme of the concert. Picture below is Farrah's nails- I have similar ones done just that in alternating colours. We did grab a few bites when we arrived at the stadium knowing that there is no dinner *sadness* but the concert was worth the hunger. There were tons and tons of stalls selling food, drinks and even merchandises (but, I wont know if there are all official/original merchandise). There were also official Samsung booth to intro the new Samsung S4. After eating, we did a lot of picture taking! 
Yours Truly
As you can see in the picture below (and also above lar, have this need to draw your attention to the above picture cause yours truly is in it :p), the crowd were just crazy...and not one bit organized. There was no official queue; I was just loitering around the entrance area (actually quite far from the entrance), and suddenly I was just pushed towards the entrance...and tadaaaa! I was in the "line". There was this particular fan boy that was so annoying that both Farrah and I wanted to punch - the area where we were being pushed into by the crowd is very very near the glass door/panels. This particular boy kept pushing his friend ..and we know that he was pushing because:
1) I got so annoyed being pushed by the crowd that I turned behind to look, and what greeted me was that pushing boy pushing his friend forward on purpose using the stance below.
2) In the end, I think he ended up behind Farrah and was pushing her, so she kinda yelled at him to stop it...apparently he did a shrug and went "what?!" like he's innocent and done nothing wrong - and to tell you, after listening to that story I felt like I needed to hunt him down to teach him manners. 

Honestly, he looked younger than me - and he does look like those loser nerds who is trying to fit in and please friends. But, I don't really know, cause well obviously it's because I already don't like his actions - So, obviously I won't have positive thinking of him. Anyway, at one point in time I was pushed against the glass door, and the security was kind enough to pull me out before he close the entrance again. So to the random kind security guard - I thank you. 
Pushing boy stance...Credits to Google? i google image this >,<

The pushing crowd

The Stage before Concert

The earlier crowd from my point of view
Boice Malaysia is just so awesome, I've been reading their post on FB and even on their website about the fan projects that they are up to. I feel like there are so dedicated and loyal to CNBLUE - omg, I feel so inferior, cause I didn't want to spend money *hides in shame* So, one of the Boice Malaysia members (actually later on I saw a few of them) distributing these fanpacks to any fan who would want to participate in their project; so, to make up for my lack of loyalty and support (as compared to the official BOICE-s? I'm not sure if I should add a "s" cause there are so many of them)...I asked for a pack!! and I did that fan project thing ok~* sudden proud-ness* 
Fan Project! 
Oh, oh! not to forget I was also sitting near a group of fans and I can't help but to notice the fan that they were holding - it was just calling out to me. After much glance stolen, I braved myself up to ask if I could take a picture of their artwork. It was so creative of them, and damn was the fan cute! 
Dedicated and Creative Fans! 
Yeah, we were kinda tired from all the walking, and standing, and being pushed - and to think we have to stand for 3 hours during concert, we decided to sit down like anybody else. But, being the kiasu us - we die die also dunwan to give up the nice place; so, we just sat at where we stand - voila! the view :p I did loudly exclaim "I hope nobody farts, that's like the worst case scenrio" in hopes that if they hear me, they would be kind enough not to do it? I don't know, if I hear someone saying such a thing, then I'll try my very best to not do it on my end lor..don't know what other people will think though.
My very nice and pitiful friend,Farrah - LOL
I'm a Happy Girl! 
So, after much waiting the concert begins!!! I did not have pictures of the opening act as I was still observing my surrounding -,-ll Anyhow, the opening act was good; I really like the beat boxing - and he was good at hyping the fans as well. however, I didn't know who he was and I found out later after reading someone else's blog that he is known as "Koujee Beatbox"? I'm not very sure though, so go Google it if you are keen on knowing :p Anyhow, the concert was too awesome to describe in words - or someone with my talent just couldn't find the words to describe the concert's awesomeness. So, I'll let the pics do the talking...

Yong Hwa~! 

Jung Shin
Drummer, MinHyuk!!!! 

Jong Hyun
Froggy Yong Hwa~

The End
Oh, and the best part of the conert (minus seeing CNBLUE live) is that I met two new friends!!!! I we took Polaroid pics :D hehehe Keep in touch gals, and nice meeting you twoooooooo~
New Friends~

Friday, August 23, 2013

Crabtree & Evelyn - Verbena & Lavender de Provence range Facebook contest

Crabtree & Evelyn has recently launch their new rance - "Verbena & Lavender de Provence". Yes, you have read right - due to the launch, Crabtree & Evelyn is having a Facebook Contest. I happen to come across it when catching up on Facebook.  It's actually rather easy, just like Crabtree & Evelyn Malaysia's Facebook page. After that, just play a game of hide and seek :p 

Front Page of the Contest 
Not so much hide and seek, more like search for specific items which are's exactly the type of game that I like!!! ^,^ A heads up though, after the introduction page, the "hunting guide" (as below) will appear and those are the items that you'll have to hunt for - BUT, when the game starts, the pictures won't appear. As in the list would be in words and not pictures; although, you could also view the picture by clicking a button ;) oh yeah! the game is only 30 seconds! Don't worry, the rules are very clear ;)
Guide to the game! 
In order to qualify in the contest, you will need to submit a creative slogan after the u want to qualify for the grand prize or not? :p but, but...there are also goodies after you complete the game! A buy one free one deal~ want to know more? Go and join the contest like me!!!! ^^ 

Like their page on Facebook : Crabtree & Evelyn Malaysia
Contest Page: Verbena & Lavender Hunt
To know more of the collection and prices: Crabtree & Evelyn Official Website for the range

Ok~hitting the sacks soon! 
Go join the contest now! and good night~~~

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

"Share the Softness with Kleenex Natural" Contest

As you all know (or not know), I love receiving mails - there is a strange happiness that comes from seeing your own name on the envelope....or postcard....or parcel for that matter. More so, if the contents inside is FREE! :p 

Hey! you should all know by now I'm Princess Cheapo ok? If not, go read my blogpost about My Cheapest Date Ever like srsly, go read it. So, anyway,  I was hanging around my dining area today, as my dear Kitty was exploring the 1st floor (obviously that is where my dining area is at). All of a sudden, I heard a motorcycle honk and soon my dog, Happy, started barking - follow by a rather loud "postman" (the postman was declaring himself a postman to alert us that he's no stranger?) 

So being the "happy to receive post" me...I rushed (ok la, i exaggerated, I walked dwn the stairs k? I didn't rush as per say >,<) to the gates. The postman went "kar yee?" and I just nod my head and we did the usual pls sign here and here thingy and I got my envelope. I was wondering what it was as I did not buy anything online. So, imagine my surprise when I got this! 

This is the prize from the "Share the Softness with Kleenex Natural" Facebook contest - although,  I can't really put my finger one when I've joined it. I vaguely remember doing it - but meh! WAS SO HAPPY TO GET FREE STUFF! even though, it's just tissue, but it's FUNCTIONAL- not to mention BRAND NEW~!

ok lar, i advert abit coz i get free stuff :p
The kleenex that I got right, it's apparently new. The particular when that I received is a pack of 50s, and damn nice lar coz it's 3 ply right. Then I'm also a little environmental friendly, which means I tend to either tear a tissue in half and share with someone so that instead of using two we use one, OR I kinda take of the "plies?" like if the tissue is 2 ply right, den I just separate the two ply lor.

and, and,and ,...wait for it..the best part! 
The new Kleenex Natural right is infused with CUCUMBER EXTRACT, can?! damn it's really "taking softness to another level" - as they claim in the letter that comes with the tissue. 
 Also right, they are so nice - they also sent like 3 postcards with really nice quotes on it. I really really really like it. Especially the first and third one..hehe~ want me to send one of them to you? :p
Quote One
Quote Two
Quote Three

 OK! I'm done being cheapo/sampat/kiasu d~
I need to sleep -whether you can read and comprehend my blogpost is beyond me...cause I feel like I just spazz alot of nonsense...
Good Night peeps~and to some, GOOD MORNING and have a great day!!! ^.^

p/s: saw a vid on FB today of a sweet couple's trip to genting - and I really like the song which they used. Found out that it was this I shall just post it here :p

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

reUNIon :p

Weird tittle huh? Seriously, a reunion of my Uni mates after ages! OMG~I missed just talking to them so much. It's like therapy for me - more like a support group (lol)... and the title..well, we are UNI mates and reunion has Uni in it...geddit geddit? 

Anyway, I had so much fun just being there and listening (and talking too la, but I did my fair share of listening ok? I promise) Gathering was in Nando's although Charis and I had dinner beforehand as I was running a little late doing chores, and didn't want them to wait and also cause I wanted to save money (housewife material, oh yeah! :p actually, it's just cause I'm princess cheapo lar)

Aliza would be leaving for the UK soon to further her studies, and I wish (with all my cheapo heart) that we will meet again before she leaves for more catching up and gossiping ;) Topics for the night? 

1.Choices of Uni
2.The "bad day" for Aliza
3.Graduation for the three of them (and how two of them may not attend)
4.Gossips about work
5.Gossips about individuals (yeah, we r shallow that way :p)

That's a lot to read right? 
Here, have a look at our picture first for a breather :p anyway, Charis didn't want to have a picture with us cause she was looking tired. So, she promised that we will have a complete group picture during our next outing (and I pray there will be one - thanks to our hectic schedules) 
Trio out of the four, as Charis refuse to take a picture with us
Even after catching up with the 5 topics mentioned above, we still didn't update each other ENOUGH! we had to stop cause Aliza needs to be home. sighs, though we did topic hop a lot between the five topics... I think we only like totally complete 3 out of 5 of the topics above, as in to really come to a conclusion. Oh, oh! Did I ever tell you guys how expressive my friends could be - be it verbally or physically or gesture-ly? The picture below could be prove...Aliza has her tones and gestures diarrhoea yesterday  when she was telling us about her awfully bad day - even I agree that it was sucky, so it is really really bad. Seriously, coming from a person who has sucky day everyday (me), so I am rather credible of whether a person has a bad day or not :p and "bad day of the week" award goes to Aliza! round applause, please :p
The many expressions
Ok, that was a diarrhoea of rant for a blogpost. I think I better hit the sacks now :p
good night good people of the web~

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Cosmetic Warehouse Sale in Isetan,KLCC - loot of the day

Was at KLCC over the weekend, and my mom happened to notice the "Cosmetic and Fragrance Warehouse Sale" happening in Isetan. If you are interested to go after reading the post, the sale is only until Wednesday (21/8) and it's in Isetan,KLCC 2nd floor (just opposite the Isetan Club area). 
Loot of the day!
Can you belief that I got all of these at only RM43?!!!!! I'm so glad that my mom saw the sales, and even happier that she has given the green light to go ahead and buy it! *phew* Mom's being very careful with the products I use thanks to my overly sensitive skin/face! ish~! So she's been nagging at anything and everything that I buy or use. Let me introduce you to more of my loot!  
A better look of my loot! 
 This is the Two-Way foundation case from Z.A. It's actually pink in colour and the shiny finish is a plus - I was only attracted to it at first coz it was reflecting the ceiling's light -,-ll Guess how much is it?! It's only RM 8!!!!!!
Two-Way foundation in No.34
 Now that I've bought the case, I will ofcourse have to buy the foundation lar right? If not, I buy the case for what?! The sales girl at the counter was really nice lar, despite the fact that she couldn't share information with me but she wasn't rude and she did apologize. What happened was that I wanted to know which shade of the foundation would be best for me, and well she couldn't help me cause she was only a partimer and does not know much about the products. However, she did apologize and help out as much as she could - damn nice la the attitude, I like :p So, anyhow I bought the foundation after testing it out on my hand, and I hope it works as good on my face lar since I've yet to try it - will let you guys know lar. Anyway, the foundation is on RM 15, good deal can? 
Combining the case and the foundation
 Ok lar...My first time fitting in the foundation to the case by myself ok- I know it's not rocket science lar, but then right I'm excited lar can? So here's the case with the foundation itself, and I only know about the sponge when I open the has never crossed my mind? 
There's a tape at the back of the two way foundation~awesome
Tadaaaaaa~All done! 

Blusher and pore smoother
Another two of my loot are the dual tone blush and also the pore smoother. I bought a more orange tone as I already have one (or was it two) blusher in a pink tone. This blusher doesn't have any glitter in it, so even if it doesn't work out as a blusher, I could use it as a bronzer? Guess what? I bought the blusher for RM 10 and so is the Pore smoother. I'm dying to try out my loot and see if there is any reaction to the products >,<
 The pore smoother has a balm texture to it, and as I've mentioned I've yet to try out the balm. Will blog more after I've tried out the products. I'm actually in a dilemma - cause right, the balm is actually only 6g and I suppose it will be used up quite fast? I won't know cause I've not used it before right. So, the dilemma is that if it's good then I'll regret that I've not bought more, and if it's not good right - then I've just wasted 10 bucks. So I don't know to pray if it's a good product or for it to be a bad one -,-
The shade is B3 - there were a few more shades, and my mom bought one with a pink shade
more of the blusher! ^^
So, head on over to the sale now! I actually didn't finish looking around the sale but I did see brands like marjolica(?), Kate and a few others - not to mention that there were also fragrances and like I say I didn't stick around to see everything... I repeat the sales is at

Isetan, KLCC (2nd Floor)
Opposite of the I-Club center
Sales end at 21st of August (Wednesday)

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Modbox for August 2013

Yay! *celebration* My first beauty box! From Modbox and I've gotten myself the August box. Truthfully, Modbox wasn't the first beauty box that I ordered, but it was the first to arrive- and that requires COMPLIMENTS! round applause to the team!!!! 

I've heard about beauty boxes some time ago, but have never gotten the chance to sign up for one.. and like anything else, it slipped my mind. Until.. I've no idea why but I decided to look it up again one fine day...and tadaaa~ I found various blogs that did comparison between the many beauty box that is in the market now (if you want to know which blogspot/blog in particular that I read from, leave a msg - cause I have no idea if the owner of the blog is ok with me sharing her link -,-ll)
Choice given~
I like how Modbox gives us choices, unlike the other beauty boxes - we only know what we're getting when we get the box. It's actually my first time seeing a beauty box which allows us to choose what we are receiving...damn excited. On a sidenote, I'm not saying that Modbox is the first or is the only beauty box who does this yeah, it's only my first time seeing and I'm not an expert in this field ;) 
Delivery to my doorstep! 
Can you imagine how excited I got when I was given the parcel?! I went out with my mom in the morn to run some errands and when I came home, my neighbour passed the parcel to me. They are so awesome right? I mean which neighbour would actually do that for you? :p Anyhow, I was really excited to get it, but I wasn't sure which box this is - as I've mentioned earlier, I've also ordered another beauty box. 
The Box! 
 *tadaaaaaaaa~* look at what greeted me when I opened the package!!! I love compact stuff, did I ever mention that? I don't think so :p so here it is all small and cute and cuddly (not very cuddly la, coz it's afterall cardboard -,-) 

I love the personal touch
I like how the Modbox team took the time to personally write my name instead of having it printed or not even addressing by name. Good work, good work! ^^ 
The products! 
Oooo~I like the baby pink paper that is used, and the feel of it - Ok, I sound a little autistic but yeah, u get what I mean ;) I'm just so so so so so happy to get this box! I tell you ok, being the cheapo me- I feel damn excited lar ok, the box is damn value for money can? Read more la, read more...
A clearer picture of what's inside
Crabtree & Evelyn Lavender Hand Therapy (25g)
The retail price for the Crabtree & Evelyn Lavender Hand Therapy is RM 35! I could so use this right hands are getting all rough with all the house chores that is going on *cries*  I'm actually using the Gardener's range- it's rich and smells good, and I've been introduced to this by my aunt. So now that I have the Lavender one now, I came to the conclusion that Crabtree & Evelyn's hand therapy are awesome! Not only the Lavender hand cream soothing and moisturising, it smells so heavenly and calming.
Crabtree & Evelyn Extras! :D 
Oh oh! and if we choose the Crabtree & Evelyn sample over the other, then we get these extras! Somerset Meadow EDT and also Tarocco Orange Skin refreshing body lotion.  I really love the Somerset Meadow and it's a nice travel size, I put it in my cosmetic bag which I bring with me wherever I go ^^ 
Somerset Meadow EDT
On top of that, I have add on vouchers! woots~should I go and get more hand creams? I really love the handcream from Crabtree & Evelyn! 
Privia Perfect Pure Foam Cleansing
 The Privia Perfect Pure Foam Cleansing at 150ml retails at RM43. I've not tried any of the Privia products before neither have I heard of it. I've only recently started looking around at the different products in the market as I've only been using prescribed products and medication by my doctor as I have terrible acne problem and also sensitive skin (save the story for another post :p).  So, I'm looking forward to trying it. The foam cleanser actually smells really sweet, and it reminds me of cotton candy. 
Privia Perfect Magic Peeling Gel
 The Privia Perfect Magic Peeling Gel at 100ml retails at RM59. Again, I've not tried it but I'm so looking forward to trying it out. As mentioned, I've recently just started looking around for skin care products; so, I'm keeping my eyes out for good stuff and well, make up remover is of the utmost important! 

Anyhow, if you liked what you see in the blogpost then headover to Modbox's website now! The best part of the box? Wait for it....

It's only RM 9!!! (exclusive of postage) 
Delivery to Peninsular Malaysia is RM 6 and East Malaysia RM 9

Now, you tell me if this box is worth it? I paid RM15 for all of those and it is delivered to my house. It's value for money right?!

Ok, Over and Out!!!