Wednesday, June 05, 2013

2PM Junho's AEGYO

Aaaaa~2PM Junho's AEGYO!!! So far the best of the 2PM members and well, even better than my "bias" Nichkhun =,=ll this  is no random post yo! well, I was...still am ...obsessed with " we got married" (thereafter known as WGM). So far I've watched the complete series of three couples: YongSeo, TeukSora, and Khuntoria. I love all three of these couples, but the best for me would definitely be KHUNTORIA, I still can't bring myself to watch the ending of this couple, so you should know how much I'm in ♥ with them *sad face* Right now, the latest couple that I'm watching is the global couple - Taecyeon and Gui Gui a.k.a Emma Wu (kindly click on their names to be directed to their video from

So anyway, I was going through some YouTube videos and came across several game/talk shows that 2PM (the group where Nichkhun is from) took part in. Out of all those talk show, the video below caught my attention :p Nichkhun was not in that talkshow - possibly filming WGM then? The other 2PM members were asked to demonstrate their AEGYO after given a scenario where their girlfriend couldn't accompany them. Of all the 2PM member's aegyo, I like Junho's one the best.. you should see how the lady reacted to Junho calling her "baby" - she totally went crazy. Anyway, I can't explain in words why I like his aegyo the best - it's like at first he answered the call quite manly, calling her baby and all and go all "what's up" then he was nice enough to offer his help with her work (that being her excuse of not being able to spend time with him), and they we went all aegyo..!!!! KYAAA! Aiya, anyhow just watch his cut below and you'll understand why I went all crazy.

 credits to: adorabledyan