Saturday, May 25, 2013

BBQ Thai @ Old Klang Road

Dinner with parents and Jackson in BBQ Thai @ Old Klang Road - decided to give it a try after all the hype on newspaper and also all the blog review. Then again, I only Google them up after passing by it on the way home...

It was rather disappointing after all the hype and attention given to this place - then again, it could be because it was a bad day. I don't want to pass judgement just after ONE visit, although I"ll be honest to say that there is no temptation for a second visit.

It was kinda raining when we arrived, and the parking was crowded... actually let's rewind a little to talk about their entrance for the cars - there was only one gate from both entrance and exit and I think that it is really bad as it is located at a main road - which means HEAVY TRAFFIC. We had to wait a bit on the main road (with busy cars traffic), because there was a queue of cars trying to exit from the same gate where we have to use to get in. Upon parking and getting in to the area, we weren't seated despite the fact that there were many tables being empty. We had 4 different people asking us how many seat we needed... we also asked/ requested for covered areas if possible; we also saw that there were tables in "rooms" (actually cabins) ..we were kinda rudely told that we are only allowed in those cabins if we can spend RM300 and above, and on top of that he added " I don't think four people could eat up to RM300 right?" But, anyhow we waited for our seat (cause we were super hungry!)

We ordered enough for four people, and these are the food that we ordered.
Menu of BBQ Thai
The place
Drink of the day for everyone! :p I meant everyone ordered coconut drink
Seafood Fried Rice 

Some dessert

My favourite Thai dessert!!! 
Steam Fish

Extra soup from the fishy.
The tomyam soup was alright - spicy enough for my taste. However, the friend rice was just ok - it was not exceptional and it was abit tasteless. The taste didn't blend well together, if I were to blindfold myself - I could just easily said that I was eating plain steam rice with serving of pineapple - Separately, not cooked together. My parents were happy with the fish though, especially my mom - she was so in love with the sauce/gravy that came with the fish... I didn't try it cause as you all know, I dislike fish, and I din try the sauce/gravy because it looked like there are a lot of garlic inside (in case you guys didn't know - I'm vampiric :p Just Kidding). It's also very unique cause they actually use charcoal to keep the fish going rather then use the candle thingy. Oh yeah! the waitress was nice, as in she knows her menu in the sense that she knows the ingredients in the dishes, and also could recommend based on what we asked. However, after that - it was rather difficult to get service attention.

Overall, I would say the experience was so-so. In terms of food I would say 2.5/5, and service oh well 2.5/5 too. Service rating could have been higher if we weren't kept waiting at the entrance, being "explained" to about the "qualifications" to sit in the cabins, and also better attention from the service staff. The only reason I gave 2.5 was because of the waitress who served our table, and also their manners when they are serving (although a few of them turned a blind eye when we asked for service). Would I visit again? oh well, not a definite no, but so far not motivated to go back . Oh yeah~ambience was good though, so if there is any reason at all to go back, ambience would be it - although i would love to gather more friends so that I could sit in one of those cabins....RM300 is the goal ;)

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