Tuesday, April 09, 2013

My not so recent "Obsession #1"

You know that feeling when you found someone who share similar interest, and at the same time could talk as much as you? :p LOL~I've experience it at my workplace. You see, I never thought that one of my colleague is a anime maniac + Kpop fan like me! so, imagine the thrill of finding out and proceed to gossiping and sharing stuff day in day out (only at work la).

So, as we were getting better acquainted she introduced me to this reality variety show (in Korean ofcourse) called "We Got Married". That goes without saying, she introduced me to her favourite WGM (in short) couple... *drumrolls* YongSeo couple~!!! Better known as Goguma couple; goguma being "sweet potato" in Korean~Hehe...

Their very first kiss :) *woots*
Picture credit to: this page
I never knew such a show exist, and oh well.. after this couple I am just hooked! Their relationship (goguma couple) gives me the feeling of first love ; you know, the type that is very innocent and hesitant to explore? Yeah, even my dear dear colleague who introduced this couple to me describe them as being so...and the reason for her love towards this couple is because they are innocent and also gives of the feeling of first love. Anyhow, you guys should now how my "waterpipe" will burst when there are sad scenes either in books or movies...well yeah, all things have to end one way or another - what more a show right? So I skipped the very last episode where they have to say goodbye to one another. -,-ll yes, very cowardly of me - so what?!

Guess what, somehow Farrah (i know, you guys have not been reading much about my friends huh) whom would very much not want to have any relation with the K-wave, has also fallen deeply in love with the Goguma couple. Because of that affection, she went on to read more about Yong Hwa (from the band C.N.Blue) and became obsessed with the band overall. If I'm not mistaken, the current standing of the band members in F's list is:

1.Lee Jong Hyun
2.Jung Yong Hwa
3.Lee Jung Shin
4.Kang Min Hyuk

Anyway, the reason for bringing up F's obsession is because I wanted to tell you guys that Farrah watched the ending: Yes, very brave of her - she watched it way faster than me even though I started before her =,= So, according to her, the ending was sweet and she went on and on about how I should watch it. Ladies and gentlemen, I started watching this couple about a month plus ago and till this day - I HAVE NOT WATCH THE ENDING...and I don't think I could ever bring myself to watch it :'(

TTFN~♥ See you guys again soon!!! =D

Monday, April 08, 2013

Give me a reason

have been addicted to this song recently by Pink, and oh well, love love this cover by Tiffany Alvord ft Trevor