Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sweet words...

Recently, I've been addicted to the words of the song "little things" by One Direction. Please take note that I said THE WORDS, not the band. Anyhow, I shared the lyrics with a few friends and they have agreed that it's really sweet.

Out of the blue today, someone special (*winks* You know who you are :p) sent me this link over Facebook, and well - listen to it if you have the time. I find it real serene and I dunno, sweet?


Jon Schmidt - I Do...

and here are the lyrics (ofcoz it's credited to the person who uploaded this video), it's actually in the notes section; but, you know some people don't bother to read it >,<

Last night, in the quiet, when our day was through,
I listened to you sleeping and stayed awake by you.
And softly, through the evening, there I spoke your name
And told you all the feelings Ive had.

I sometimes see you sitting by the window in the hall.
Or laughing with the children at the little things you saw.
And lately Ive been wondering if its all I can do
To hold you and to show you I do.

My promise is forever with you

My promise is forever. I do.

Ok~ sweet dreams people! :D 
and be thankful that you've found special people in your life

See you soon~ ♥

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