Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sweet Sweet October :)

October is really a good month to me this year :) Hehe~ First of all, my birthday falls on the 10th. Then, my graduation and my anniversary! LOL~This time around, my birthday celebration with the group was a little late~and boy did I feel as though Christmas came early for me for I've received both my graduation and birthday present at once. On top of that, I also received souvenir from my dear "twin""/Wifey, Yuki.

Here are the presents that I've gotten from my birthday! :D
October Month Goodies
Hehe~the Coach bag is from my dear Sister and Bro-in-law, the hello kitty organizer, card, and sweater is from the AKUMA gang, and the Samsung S3 is from the psycho gang + the boyfie! 

So, I feel that I'm really lucky to have all this people who love me and remember all this dates which are important to me.

Hehe~Oh! for the anniversary, Baby and I went back to the buffet place in Sunway again. We went there for  Valentines day some time back, and oh well, I have to say that the food has deteriorate much :(  Sighs, so now I think it's time to find for a better buffet place ~hehe!

Ok~gotta go now 

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