Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sweet Sweet October :)

October is really a good month to me this year :) Hehe~ First of all, my birthday falls on the 10th. Then, my graduation and my anniversary! LOL~This time around, my birthday celebration with the group was a little late~and boy did I feel as though Christmas came early for me for I've received both my graduation and birthday present at once. On top of that, I also received souvenir from my dear "twin""/Wifey, Yuki.

Here are the presents that I've gotten from my birthday! :D
October Month Goodies
Hehe~the Coach bag is from my dear Sister and Bro-in-law, the hello kitty organizer, card, and sweater is from the AKUMA gang, and the Samsung S3 is from the psycho gang + the boyfie! 

So, I feel that I'm really lucky to have all this people who love me and remember all this dates which are important to me.

Hehe~Oh! for the anniversary, Baby and I went back to the buffet place in Sunway again. We went there for  Valentines day some time back, and oh well, I have to say that the food has deteriorate much :(  Sighs, so now I think it's time to find for a better buffet place ~hehe!

Ok~gotta go now 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pitch Perfect...

I've forgotten who I tumble on to this ONE video, and it led me to hunting for more!
Can't wait til this movie is out...oh yeah~ Think it'll be a good one ;)

check this out people
**warning: if you are not into singing or the musical type of movies, then maybe you won't like this too :p


hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did :)

See you soon~ ♥

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Passage of Life: Graduation

Yeah, I know...this post is one month delayed! *laughs*

Exactly one month ago on the 12th of October, I'm officially a graduate. Time to face the real world! What about do I have to say about my graduation ceremony? Two words: "Hectic" and "Tiring". Can you believe it?! We're were in so much hurry and so tired til we forgot to do the most ceremonious thing in a graduation you know what it is?

Yes, you've guessed right! Throwing our graduation caps into the air!!!!!
We were planning happily to do that, and through all the standing and sitting, and climbing up and walking down - we were too exhausted and hungry by the end of it.

Well, with all that's said, I still believe that it's a day that we (as in the graduating batch) should be proud off. It officially signifies that we've made it through the three years of hardship! The constant worrying of passing or failing an exam, and the being buried under tons of assignment as though we're looking at the whole great wall of China from one end to the other! We've made it through that!! Proud or what? :p

Anyhow, I want to take this opportunity to thank those (m not going to say names, cause I'm damn sure you guys know who you are) who have helped me and been there for me whenever I feel like I could not hold on. Thank you, guys (and girls! just in case some of you want to call me sexist or something)! :D

Special thanks to Jessica and Farrah for being there at the ceremony - patiently waiting for me to be released from the hall (don't even want to think about it). Also, for the little presents that you two have lugged with you and the pictures that you guys have taken for me :D

Guess what?! After a gathering with my previous AKUMA gang, i could finally conclude my graduation presents! Minus the ang pau packets and my parents' present~


Here you go....
Graduation Loot :p
Thank you to all my wonderful friends & family who have congratulate me either verbally, by giving presents or both, and to those who have thought of congratulating me :p

ok, heading off now~

Toodles! :D ♥

Sweet words...

Recently, I've been addicted to the words of the song "little things" by One Direction. Please take note that I said THE WORDS, not the band. Anyhow, I shared the lyrics with a few friends and they have agreed that it's really sweet.

Out of the blue today, someone special (*winks* You know who you are :p) sent me this link over Facebook, and well - listen to it if you have the time. I find it real serene and I dunno, sweet?


Jon Schmidt - I Do...

and here are the lyrics (ofcoz it's credited to the person who uploaded this video), it's actually in the notes section; but, you know some people don't bother to read it >,<

Last night, in the quiet, when our day was through,
I listened to you sleeping and stayed awake by you.
And softly, through the evening, there I spoke your name
And told you all the feelings Ive had.

I sometimes see you sitting by the window in the hall.
Or laughing with the children at the little things you saw.
And lately Ive been wondering if its all I can do
To hold you and to show you I do.

My promise is forever with you

My promise is forever. I do.

Ok~ sweet dreams people! :D 
and be thankful that you've found special people in your life

See you soon~ ♥

Monday, November 12, 2012

Hello, Kitty

So, you may or may not know that I now have a Kitten. Yes, it's still a kitten despite the fact that I've long drafted this blogpost and have not gone on to finish it. Apparently, kittens are only considered adult cats when they are 12 months and above. Right now, my kitten is at say more or less 10 months. Guess what's my little princess's name? Say hello to....*inserts drumrolls*

Yes, I've named her so that I have the satisfaction of calling out my favourite Sanrio Character, "Hello Kitty" everday!
Below are more pictures of my adorable Kitty; however, please do not judge her character by the way she looks. I've lost count of those time where she had a princess fit - and I've been scratched and bitten! Obviously, knowing me I won't just let that slide - I'll still carry out the punishments to let Kitty know it's wrong...don't let your gears run too fast! I'm not some sadist or animal abuser ok? I'll do the normal, "hold it by the hand that she bit and slap her butt once and say NO! at the same time", it's that or the usual time out - back in your own cage, Kitty! thing....

at 3-4 months, being alert and curious about everything

"I'm Sexay and I know it"
She may look dainty and ladylike - but she's no where near it! I've brought her to the vet for checking and booster (?) when i first got her, Kitty bid and scratched at the vet. He then asked my mom (we're kinda regulars there cause we have like SIX dogs), why did we have a kitten when we have so many dogs. My mom went on explaining the story of how we found this cute kitty, and well I don't have the heart to turn her out to the streets. My uncle found Kitty in the middle of the highway in front of IOI mall btw. Then, the vet nicknamed her "The IOI thug" - he predicted that she's going to be the "big sister" in the household, being the "pack leader" of my dogs! guess what, he was 80% right! she plays with my dogs as those they belong together, and to top it off! Kitty picks fight with the biggest dog in my house, Narla. Thank heavens, Kitty could jump up onto high places so that Narla couldn't get her.

More pictures below!!!! I have like 100000000x pics of her coz she's too adorable to be ignored!
"Don't Come Any Closer!"

Looking into her future?

"what is this human doing?"

and here's a lil video to show you guys the purring "Legend" :p the cat who leads the pack of dogs :p


P/s: Please tell me that she sounds like some motor, and I'm not just imagining it. I call her the "motorbike girl" and she response with a reluctant meow sometimes :p

Toodles~ ♥~