Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Revived~ ♥

It's been awhile since I've posted a close to decent blogpost. There is so many things that I want to say, but my old friend, "procrastination" has been holding me quite abit. Not to mention that "time" and "work" has requested much of my attention; hence, the leave of absence for so long.

*blows of dust*  My oh my, a little blowing off dust won't be working for now - the dust have been built up so thick that I'll need professionals to work on them. Though that it'll be a good day to revive my blog with a short post since it's my birthday~ the rebirth of my blog! *laughs* shall make this day my blogging anniversary :p

Here's a picture that I would ♥ to share - took it with my phone camera while walking the dogs.
Nature's way~
I hope this beautiful (being thick skinned :p) picture will appease the anger and boredom of my readers - if i do have any :p

Anyhow, I'm officially graduated in TWO days! awesome or what?!

will update again soon~ :D

1 comment:

cheeze maz said...

Salam ziarah, tahniah ya sebab graduate.

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