Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Beauty Obsession

Wow, it's been a long time since I've last blog. A brief update on what has been happening in my life:-

  • I started my internship already - in a market research company 
  • Still killing myself over thesis Already have initial planning of graduation trip 
  • Have gotten myself a kitten (courtesy of the boyfie)  
Anyhow, I've taken quite a number of pictures with using them for my blog post - but it never did happen thanks to this inborn ability of mine called "procrastination". Anyhow, as I was surfing yesterday, I came across this youtube video of this girl who reminds me alot of an anime character. She's so uber cute! Here is a few video of her that I've embedded, if you like it - you can visit her blog; she has more pictures over there.  
She's awesome right?! OMG, I feel like I've an obsession towards her or something, WTF =,= 
 Ok~ toodles! I'll try to update the next blog post with pictures of my kitten, Kitty :)
~ <3 ~

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