Thursday, April 19, 2012


Nostalgia, "a yearning for the past, often in idealized form" (wikipedia,n.d) :p 

 Jokes aside, I am feeling a little nostalgic over the past few days. Nostalgia, in the sense that I miss those things that has happened in the past - and not in an idealized form, the past as it is. Happened two days ago when I was driving to work, and the traffic was a little slow moving so there were many stops made. Out of the many stops, there were a few that was made right next to those mini school buses - and guess what, it was the same bus that use to chauffeur the kids back in the days that I worked in the kindergarten and it is still driven by the same driver. I took a closer look at the kids in the bus, and true enough they are going to the kindergarten that holds fond memories for me. After that, I took time to revisit those days in my thoughts whenever there is a stop and I can't help but feel happy, and sad at the same time cause those days will never repeat itself. It is one of those memories that you will look back and go "Aaaa~ those are the days..." Which reminds me about the youtube video by Jinnyboy which was a hit and I'm sure most of you have already seen it - "My Generasi" (embedded below)

Despite the fact that primary school (and maybe parts of secondary) is not the best time of my life, or at least the highlight of it - I still miss some of those times. Days where all I need to worry about is passing the exams and finishing my homework (and the occasional tuition homework). Not to say that I'm not enjoying my life now, I am! But there is always one part of me which will miss those times that have been dear to me, and they still are. I've no idea why I came out with this emo post. Probably because I'm stressing over my thesis, and I'm a little lost right now. Anyhow, I'll need to FOCUS! Oh oh~ and guess what? I'll be going on a movie date next Friday~ maybe I'll update about the movie after it - at least there is a nicer tone to it than this emo post :p

for now~ toddles!

~ <3 ~

Friday, April 13, 2012

Dear 16 years old

Well well well...long time no see :D

I've run out of things to say - i guess. Though some of you may find it a bit surprising that I could have moments of
"speechlessness" - I actually do have such moments. So anyway, annual dinner passed by not long ago and as one of the graduating batch we were asked to come up with a video that best represent our experience in Psychology or even our thoughts on it. In the end, we decided with the theme "dear 16 years old". The video consists of snippets of us (Batch 11) telling our 16 years old self about what to expect in Psychology, and I have to admit that I have a good laugh and also a good amount of tears watching the video. Many memories evoked - some good and some not so good. Anyway, I thought of sharing my initial script to my 16 years old self here with you guys.Please don't laugh at it, can laugh at it privately - just not in my face, you know what I mean?

"Dear 16 year old me,

At this age, you're probably still struggling to convince daddy and mommy about
the course that you want to take -interior designing. Why? You wanna build homes
where happy families could stay in. At this age, you are also surrounded by supportive and understanding friends.

Why you don't know is, that u'll one day realize that your dreams lie somewhere else.
Making a person or a family happy is not about bulding them homes, but more like
being able to help them see what they could do to make themselves happy.

Guess what?

You'll end up taking Psychology. You might find this weird, but you'll face
even more troubles trying to convince people around you that you're meant to take up
psychology. But hey, seeming that I'm here - this means that you stood your ground and won that battle.

During the course of psychology, be prepared - stack urself with mask and skin care
cause trust me you will face your worst nightmare - LACK OF SLEEP! but hey, you'll be addicted to coffee. Jokes aside, during the many years of taking the course - you'll learn a lot. To top it off, you'll be on constant "pms-like" or "zombie-like" state...being emotional, being stony. Don't worry though you have the whole batch of ppl to give you the support you need, and most importantly you'll meet very good friends who will stand by you when you feel like you are going to give up, or when
you doubt yourself.

Dear 16 year old me, you're definetly not going to see this
but our juniors right now may see this one day and they'll know that
Psychology is the best choice that anyone could make. Despite the ups and downs,
the holding on giving up, it's a once in a lifetime experience; one that you'll look
back and be proud of - Cause you made it!"

So yeah, and that was my part. The theme really reminds me alot of this video that I remember sharing it with you guys, but oh well - let's share it again!:p