Friday, March 09, 2012

Of Facials and Brains

Boy am I glad that finals is finally over. I can't say that I am looking forward to having my results, neither am I ready to put my academic life behind me. It's not like I've not been working before, but what is this anxiety that I am feeling? I'm sure that working won't be something which is ..what's the word...foreign? to me? But,after 4 years of being pampered in the academic setting - I guess I just need time to adjust back to my working self. I'm sure that I'll be alright - I hope =,=

Not known to many, *ahemmyahemfamilyahemmembers* I bought a deal online and went to have facial done right after my final paper~ woots! boy was it painful~ apparently I had very congested pores, and there were tons of blackhead- so, as you can imagine, the process of extracting it was hideous for the lady and painful for me. Although, it is a very nice place - it's not somewhere fancy, as in not in malls or in hotels - but, in shop lot areas an to top it off, it is located at the first floor and sharing the unit with a boutique. However, the ambiance was good, and the lady was nice - she did a little chit chat and was very concern if we were hurting. The best part is, she knows when to keep quiet and when to talk~ awesome! I really don't like it when someone yaps away while I'm trying very hard to relax - and she did nothing of that sought; so, a plus point for that! :D

After all that is said and done, she asked me about the skincare products that I am using. To which i replied that I'm actually seeing a skin specialist, so I'm not using off the counter goods. She told me that my face is not suitable for the use of moisturizer just yet, so it is advisable to go for facials - and right now seeming that my skin is real bad, she recommended that i should go on a weekly basis first. Then she went on to say that I seem to have some problems with my forehead - like the problem is focused on my forehead. That happens because I use my brain a lot; like I think a lot.

and that's the cause of all the evil minions on my forehead.
So, from this day on - I shall be a bimbo in my journey to become a pretty girl~ *determined* So people, please don't come asking me about my opinion on things or solution to things. Don't ask questions like "how do I look in this dress?" or "how do i get to A from B?" Cause all this requires thinking- and it will cause more evil minions on my forehead and I won't look so pleasant anymore. Therefore, the next time any of you ask me questions which require me to think - I'll give you the evil stare~!


P/S: Dodo, I blogged! :D