Friday, December 09, 2011

Hearing Complains about relationship?

*blows and wipe of some dust from the blog* Aaaaa~ yes, i know i know - pls just don't kill me...I'll come "clean up" and make a proper post in due time. Yes, my last paper for this semester will be on Tuesday - so you'll see a proper blog post and well, some explanation for my absence? ~ ♥


here! a video that I would like to share~ cause well, there are some truth in it. Plus, the song at the ending is funneh! it didn't cross my mind that he'll have such a nice voice. The lyrics crack me up though :p Whoopie~ spoiler :p

yeap, and a quick shout out to Charis cause she's sick and a quite far away from me :(
"Get Well Soon!"


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