Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas :)

First of all, a Happy Christmas to everyone :)

It might not occur to you, but well, Christmas is one of those festive season that I truly enjoy. Hey, I might not be a Christian, but it is the time of the year that gives you the opportunity to give thanks for all the goodness that has happened in your life; a time that shows your appreciation.

I recall those times when I was younger, and my family use to just gather in my family's house to celebrate Christmas. We had a Christmas tree that we use to decorate year after year, and damn i still have some of those pictures that my cousins, siblings, and I took! Boy was I happy to see those Christmas presents under those tree - the thrill and excitement of waiting for the green light to grab those presents!

But, we no longer do that now - Christmas is no longer celebrated in my house; neither do we exchange gifts. Though, i still remember those years of exchanging presents with my group of friends when I am still earning :) now that I'm studying again, oh well, limited income =,=ll

So, i'll start the tradition of gift exchanging again when I have my own earning power back! :D and also, I would want to have a Christmas tree in my house in the future, just so i could sit by it and recall those wonderful memories :)

This year, I celebrated Christmas with the boyfie! first time in our three years together :D and I loved it! :D and also, on 25th itself, I'm flying over to see my sister and my brother in law! :D and i love the sound of that...hehe "brother in law" :) now whenever i tell my friends stories about my family or my experience- I'm eager to say "my brother in law" instead of "my sister's boyfriend!" hehehe~

Will be back to update about my Singapore Trip! ^.^ with pictures! :D

~ ♥ ~

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The week after~

A week into my holiday, and dayum am I enjoying it. Wish that it will last longer, and results will never be out :p but of course I also hope that they will not hold on to us cause of the results *daydream*

Anyway, I've been catching up on my reading - non academic of course. Will be crazy to dive right back into academic reading immediately after exams; that's a bit freaky. Not to mention, that I have also been catching up with friends~ awesome time chatting, and not worrying about assignments and studying for finals or even rushing off for class *bliss*

I've been so immersed and sucked in to the world that is created in the novel~ the point that when i was chatting with a friend, i typed "bitten" instead of "beaten". I really really love the books by Sherrilyn Kenyon and also Kerrelyn Sparks - both wonderful and awesome....*swoon*

I have yet to do one of the many things on my to-do list for the holiday, that is to find a nice cafe with a cup of good coffee and read my book! :D

Will be updating again once I find the energy to transfer pictures from my Camera.
A few more days to Christmas, are you guys anxious to get your presents? *grins* Christmas time has always been one of my many favorites~ how i wish listening to Christmas Carols (mind you, i prefer the older versions as compared to the new ones - never did get the meaning behind them). My favorite Christmas Song would be "The First Noel", but that doesn't mean that I don't like the rest! :D

See you guys soon, and to end the post - here's a picture of a nice nice warm drink~ ♥

Friday, December 16, 2011

the fear in a relationship

A rather old song, which i use to love - and recently taken a liking to again :)
word of warning though: it is an emo song >,<

Friday, December 09, 2011

Hearing Complains about relationship?

*blows and wipe of some dust from the blog* Aaaaa~ yes, i know i know - pls just don't kill me...I'll come "clean up" and make a proper post in due time. Yes, my last paper for this semester will be on Tuesday - so you'll see a proper blog post and well, some explanation for my absence? ~ ♥


here! a video that I would like to share~ cause well, there are some truth in it. Plus, the song at the ending is funneh! it didn't cross my mind that he'll have such a nice voice. The lyrics crack me up though :p Whoopie~ spoiler :p

yeap, and a quick shout out to Charis cause she's sick and a quite far away from me :(
"Get Well Soon!"