Saturday, November 12, 2011

My Happiest Moment

What is My Happiest Moment? More like moments...
took me awhile to figure out what would be my happiest moment? At first I thought, "well, it will not be that hard to actually think of a happy moment in my life, right?" turns out, I was never more wrong.

I was thinking to maybe write about my time when I had my dream occupation come true, partially to be exact - a kindergarten assistant teacher. Then, some other happy moments came to my head from the back of my memory archive. Suddenly, I feel thankful for all these joyful moments that reveal themselves one by one. From having my first overnight trip with my best friends, meeting good friends in University, having spend time with my family, to meeting my boyfriend - all this, to me are my happy memories. But, what is it that I wish to relive most at this point of time?

It is non other to spend one more day together with my sisters :)
(this was us a few years back going on a road trip)
A walk down memory lane reminds me of those times that we use to fight a lot when we were much younger - especially with my big sister. I use to think that she's bossy, and it is unfair that she is good in everything - and obviously everyone seem to favor her more than me. Then comes my younger cousin sister, I use to have arguments with her cause I always have to give in when she wants my toys. I was also always compared to both of them in terms of academic achievement and also, what they call "being a lady".
(the very same road trip - and how happy we use to smile back then)
But even then, those were happy times - happy to the extent that I will not think twice if a genie appears and tell me that he (or she) could send me back. As we grow older, we started drifting apart in terms of distance. My big sister left for studies and well eventually found her love and also a job outside of Malaysia. She comes back once in awhile - and those are really precious time that I enjoy spending with her.

Despite the distance, we still manage to have a meet-up sometimes - although rarely. We use to have road trips just to eat and come back to K.L during the Chinese New Year, then there were occasions when only two of us will get to meet, but never three. Come to think about it, we used to joke around saying we're the Charlie's Angel, the Charmed sisters, or even the Powerpuff girls. How silly and crazy we use to be - how much fun we had.
(another picture of my big sister and my cute lil cousin sister on a road trip)
Not to long, my lil cousin left too, for education - till now, I highly doubt that she will be back for a visit so soon. Our lives move on, and though the technology advancement allows us to keep in touch - but it is not the same. She came back for a holiday last year, and that was the very last time up til now that the three of us had spend time. I miss them so much to the point that going back to when we always fight was fine to me, cause then, there were physically there - always within my reach. Probably, if I get to turn back time- then I would have treasured more of those time and not used it for little arguments and meaningless fights. The last time they came back, we were doing girly things that i enjoyed so much - we had our manicures and pedicures, stayed in a hotel, walking aimlessly in a mall, and even drink til late night

(our mani and padi)
I miss those time that we use to hang out in a mall - stayed in the long queue just to buy doughnuts and stuffed ourselves crazy with junk food, and then complain about being fat.
(the sisters queuing for doughnuts)
I don't really mind the time that they gang up and bully me. Here's proof that they really did! They tried to carry me up and throw me somewhere - seriously!
Well, all I'm saying is that I know I can't turn back time. Therefore, I treasure every moment that I get to spend with them, cause well, I do not want more times of looking back wishing that I did or did not do things or said or not said things. I really love having my camera around - doesn't matter its a high-tech one, or just a simple phone camera. All it matters is I get to capture these happy moments - moments that I froze in time to remind me of their very existence in my life. Moments that I'm happy and thankful for. If I had to relive my life again, there is no doubt that I will stick around the both of you, Dodo and Wen. I love you both to bits~! *group hug!*

Big Bad Wolf Sale, 2011 (part 2)

Ne~ remember sometime back, I mentioned the Big Bad Wolf Sale? Well, I did end up going again on the last day. This time with my family :) My sister and brother in law went too~ *happy* and guess what? We ended up leaving the hall with 3 plastic bags filled with books. Here's the haul for the day.

Thanks dodo and Thomas gor for the books~ I'm going to have a very happy and fulfilling holiday coming up *teehee* Not to mention, I've already finish reading the manga that I bought from the First Faul

Awesome right? :D Hehe, 90% of my new book shelf is already filled~ looking forward to a new shelf :p and also more books! Disappointingly, they did not carry my favorite author this year :( Oh well, *shrugs* there is always next year~ :D

~ ♥ ~