Sunday, October 30, 2011


I just remembered that I actually wanted to post this up during my holidays (yeah, I actually have holidays - though, I have no recollection of actually resting).
Anyway, I was indulging myself with FB games, and i got hooked on to Tetris...and guess what?!

WOOTS! I'm awesome~ :p

P.s: This is actually a scheduled post, because i have a sucky internet connection

~ ♥ ~

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Caffein Jokes

After rushing through the never-ending piling up of assignment and still going through the torture of thesis - i hereby announce myself - SICK! =,=

yeah, think I've came down with a cold or something like that *sadness*

Anyway, to brighten up my blog, here's a funny comic strip that I would like to share. Though I don't recall the source of the comic, so if it belongs to you, please drop me a line and I'll credit the owner :)


Thursday, October 13, 2011

be thankful and hope

Well, you (even me) may always find things unfair or always hope for something that we could not get. Complain, whine, and throw a fit~ but I don't think that some of us actually pause to feel or be thankful about what we already have.

I happen to saw this video on Facebook, and well...i could not stop tearing watching it. For some reason, i found it inspiring, and i just want to share it on my blog - and hopefully, one day when i forgot the lesson I've learn today, I would be reminded of it when i look at this video again.

~ ♥ ~

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Big Bad Wolf Sale, 2011

It's back! it is finally Back! I've waited for a whole year just for this sale! *woots*

what sale?

THE BIG BAD WOLF SALE of course *howls*

So far, since the first day I've already went there twice! and I'm going to be going again! (hopefully, i need someone to take me there, cause I'm Noob when it comes to directions)

The first day, we took forever to reach the place from Uni =,= thanks to the GPS..hmph! thankfully, baby was being nice and all patient and didn't give up...cause i already did =,= So, on the journey with us was Nat, David, and Tze Ching. We had to key in the same exact spot/location three times before the "nice" GPS finally lead us to the correct place..OMG

First time i keyed in the full MAEPS location, and it lead us to this random shop area in Kinrara...fine! then we put in the coordinates, lead us to some area in Serdang. The place was like an industrial area, and yes it led us to some warehouse sale...but it's for shoes..NOT BOOKS! when i say it, i meant the "nice" GPS at last, jackson says that since we are already nearby - let's not give up and go on...SO yeah, the third time! and finally we were there! Thank god!

and here is my haul for the 1st day :D
Ok, obviously the "ultimate garage" book does not belong to me, and I'm petty sure that you know who it belongs too ^^ *teehee* oh, and initial D is not mine too~
I went there on the second day with Bestie,Fiona :) and her dad ^^ here's a quick thank you shout out to uncle for sending me there and bringing me back! We had to use this shutter bus thingy to the hall, as it is quite far away from the parking lot
this is the crowd in the hall, and it's is not even a picture of the whole hall yet =,= imagine that...then again, it wasn't hot or anything...the place is well ventilated and the air con is awesome~ :D though the queue at the entrance did gave me a shock O,OAnd here is my 2nd day haul :) i would love to get more, but there were too many books that i was overwhelm and i can't focus! >.< will be going back thr! that's for sure!

Yeap~ and that's all i have to share for now *howls* Oh! i've already read three out of the whole lot of books! can't wait til holiday comes~ yeah baby! :p I want to go and get more books! RAWR!