Monday, August 29, 2011

"Running Boy"

..And so the semester started, it might seem early, but we are already watching a video in class. This time around it is a Korean movie entitled "Running Boy" (duh! who did not read the title =,=)

Briefly, the story talks about a boy who has Autistic with the passion to run. Though from my point of view, I'm unsure if it is what he really likes or he knows that the running is something that will make his mom happy. Anyhow, when i watched this movie - i miss my two friends Aliza and Charis. this is because Farrah who is now my partner does not cry in movies! and i cried like there is no 2moro when i was watching this the extent that Farrah laughed at my puffy red eyes when the lights were on again...

So here are some of the pics related to the movie~
This is how the cover would look like (there are 2-3 versions of the cover)

This is the part in the movie where Cho Won (the main boy) won a medal, and was asked to take a pic. And if you are familiar with Autism, they lack some expression. So this pic was taken without a smile on Cho Won...and in the movie, his mother had to teach him how to smile and cue him to do so :)
It is all the small things (that seem big to the character) that bring tears to my eyes. By watching this show, i guess i've learn not to take things for granted and be thankful for what i have.

This is one of the many things that Cho Won loves to feel the wind when he runs and to touch the leafs or plants as he pass by them.


~ ♥ ~

If you are interested to know more about the movie, google it! or alternatively, Click here! :) i'm such a nice person :p

Friday, August 12, 2011

Animal Spirit

and so i was bored, had a flash back of the days when i use to play with online quizzes. Then i visit the place that i always go to for my "quiz fix" which is Quizilla

so anyway, took this quiz called the "What is your true spirit animal!"

and here are the results, I must say that i do love the picture! :D

"You're a wolf. Family oriented, and a natural born leader, you take life with the good and the bad. If someone close to you betrays you, you won't hesitate to shun them. Although your cautious, you have a playful side with those you love and are close to. You'll go nine yards for your friends or family and will protect them with your life. But your also very quick witted and logical, you know better then to fall for someones traps. Common sense is your strongest weapon!"

pfft ...i think common sense is what i'm lacking =,=


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Play? Yeah right!

It's been some time since i've blogged =,= let's share a joke! :D
i was reading one of he joke book that my lil bro left i read, and i this one :p

A little boy came home from school with numerous scratches. And his clothes were torn to shreds. His mother, horrified at his appearance, said, "Oh, Danny, Danny, how often have I told you not to play with that naughty Linssen boy?" But he regarded his mother with an expression of deep disgust.


"Do I look as if I've been playing with anybody?"

Cited from: Megabest Jokes Australia: Funny, Crazy, Wacky Jokes (2002)."Playing is for Fun". VJ Times: Singapore