Friday, July 08, 2011

Went for a nice steamboat meal today~ just the boyfie and me!
had 1384549588374829754859 scoops of ice cream! *woots*
PMS = binge, STRESS = binge...
yeap~ which explains my recent weight gain...sighs :( gotta be diligent in losing the during the holz :( *sadness* goodbye good food~

and so...after stuffing ourselves crazy, we had to have that dreadful drive back home *O,O* it is dreadful mainly because we were so full to the extent that walking itself seems hard...slight movement to our tummy causes us...i dunno...*shrugs* discomfort?

Yeah, that was how much we stuff ourselves =,=

And so we had to go through multiple bumps in the journey, and the boyfie commented

" there is a tsunami in there, and there are a lot of casualties "

he said that while patting his tummy =,=

and I literally imagined the food that we ate rolling around inside screaming for help =,=

ok, i have to get back to me finals is really a bitch! ish, why do we have to go through this * sadness *

can't wait for freedom to come
*ties ribbon on forehead* GANBATTE!

Till the next post, Jya matta ne~ ♥♥♥

Shall end the post with a nice picture of the clear blue sky...~ Aaaaaa ~

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