Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Long Forgotten Haircut Post

Almost a month back, I had a fresh from the oven haircut - and well, i told my sister about it. She wanted to see it, so i told her that I'll blog about it, and...hehe~ the rest is history (HERstory for my case :p)

Why did i cut my hair? No no no, it's not a fashion thing. It's because i could no longer stand the split ends! usually, the ends will just split into two ite? I had more than that - that one strand will split into two, and from the two, it will split some more! RawR~ Frustrated much :(

So yeah, went to Pyramid after class and chop of the hair! buahahhahaah~

At first i thought i look abit mushroom headed- then i put on the hairband and it seems fine (xcuse my bimbo talking, I'm currently experiencing information overload)

This is how i look BEFORE the haircut. Sorry for the picture quality, couldn't on flash in the dim area, plus the mirror than i used to camwhore is.....D-I-R-T-Y yeap~ this is what i get for trying to camwhore in uni =,=

And this is the after product =D
Farrah and Charis accompanied me to the Salon, and well they told me
"we'll need time to get use to your hairstyle"

Then we walked to Starbucks to show Aliza my new hair, and we found her napping. I proceeded to wake her up, and in her blur state, I turned her head towards me. She peek with one eye and went "WOW"

After 15 minutes of walking, Farrah exclaimed
"i think I'm use to your hairstyle dy - to the extent i don't remember how you looked with your old hairstyle"

talk about memory interference =,=

Ok~ i gotta head back to my books :(
Finals! I hate you~

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