Thursday, July 21, 2011

Field Trip to Hospital Bahagia

At last, the long awaited trip to Hospital Bahagia :)

Arrived in uni on time, but the damn bus was late - if i'm not mistaken there was a delay of almost an hour. Not to mention that my phone decided to be rebellious that day, because all of a sudden, the battery drop to half a bar! O,O

And duh! I was upset, and a lil panicky =,= coz well, if i can't contact my mom - i can't imagine what she'll do to me when i'm home =,= So anyway, when the bus came, we wasted no time in getting on - and that dude! omg! i don't know how did he manage to get the job, the first time in my entire 23 years of living, I HAD MOTION SICKNESS. Not from roller coaster rides, or extreme Disneyland rides - but A BUS RIDE! =,= not to mention he pull stunts as though he is some F1 driver - cutting at high speed and ridiculously close distant to the car (e.g.: kancil - i was afraid on the driver's behalf)

You should have been there to experience the "thrill". I was worried if an accident will happen. (if you notice that there are a ton of =,= up til this part of the post)

So now for some pics! :D
This is Charis attempting to read in the bus

Note the word attempting, coz well, most of us knock-ed out after that thanks to the awesome driving skills that serve so well as a "lullaby" I think we were scared til sleep took over or something

and this is obviously my two psycho friends "posing" for picture =,=
and like any other "visits" or "tour" we are always given a briefing of some sort...So here's the beginning of the presentation where the place is being briefed - from history, to the current, and the facilities that are there.
Well, and this is just me and Charis taking a self-pic... this is all thanks to the said bus driver who arrived late and mess up our timing; thus, we had to rush through everything and didn't even get to see half the things that we are suppose to see.
Despite the rush, we still manage a groupic!
and now for some pic spam of the place!
well, this is the security gate to the "forensic ward"; the place where there are legal cases involve. We actually went in to have a look.

This is one of the ward toilets that we seen on the way, sorry for the blur pic coz the bus was moving =,= if you can see, the water tank thingy is actually kept outside.

Here are some of the greenness that you could see on Hospital Bahagia grounds- some of them are thanks to the occupants there :) they are trained and encourage to take part in activities, and the result of these plantation is sold in their pasar tani

Through the visit, I've seen with my own eyes a place that i have been hearing ever since young. True enough, that is has break down our my naive believe about the place before. Through the briefing, we are also told stories of some of the patients (no name disclose Wat-so-ever to protect confidentiality), and it is sad to hear that sometimes - the occupants are rejected not by society, but by their own family members. Well...i guess that's all for now...

*abrupt and awkward end of post*

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