Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"Priest" Premiere ~! *woots*

It's been some time since I went to the cinema to catch a movie, and I recently wanted to try my luck out with Nuffnang's Screenings again. Imagine my surprise when i receive

the invitation to watch... PRIEST!

Before i go on further, this is the trailer! :D
It's awesome, trust me!

yeap, so baby and i went to collect his new "toy" from P.J - DHL, then head over to Mid Valley. Did i also mention that Charis and Aliza was there for the premiere too? so yeap, they were there, and they met us in Starbucks, as i was enjoying my FREE frap with baby~ *Woots*

Anyway, we had nice seating for the movie, and this time around the premiere ticket is AWESOME! cool much~!

and i has my second "I ♥ Nuffnang" tag thingy! :p
And the funny part is, this time around we had to surrender all our electronic devices before entering the hall. So imagine us, stuffing all of our things into baby's bag, so that we only need to surrender ONE bag instead of the many bags that we have. After the movie, we went to collect the bag, and one of the staff commented in Cantonese "the heaviest bag of the lot" :p LOL! obviously! we had like 3 laptops and 5 handphone(s) in there! :p


Overall, the movie was interesting. I especially like the Priest concept, and was angry with the "elders" when they disagree with the Priest (Paul Bettany), and insist that the people were safe (from the vampires). and OMG! this movie really change my opinions of vampires, so they are not as handsome as those mentioned by Sherrilyn Kenyon , or Stepanie Meyer. They were the freaking ugly, alien look-a-likes! and they shriek!
If you're into suspense and action, i guess this show would be ok for you. Not to mention that i like the tattoo on the PRIESTS! :D though i won't want one for myself =,=

If i were to give a rating for this movie, i would say 3.5/5?
minus .5 coz vampires were ugly! :p

and here, the nice nice nice nice nice picture of the Priest! i really like this picture, it reminds me of a game, that i dun recall the name =,=

Thanks Nuffnang and Sony Pictures Malaysia for the awesome invitation!

~ ♥ ~

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