Monday, May 02, 2011

How not to love your sisters?

You see, i think i owe my sister a post =,= cause she's jealous that i have an appreciation post for my friends but no for my own sister *awwwwww....* but but but *sobs sobs* i thought you understand w/out words! *dramatic much*

Well, what am i to say? (i hope khai and KH don't come and tell me that they need a post for the brother ♥ - coz that would mean that i have to vomit out more "bulu roma also naik" words! *faints*)

So here i am wanting to thank my sister Joanne Lin, and my cousin sister Tania Teh for being the best sisters that anyone could ever ask or wish for. Well, for starters i think i should talk about the fact that i use to be in war with my sister...for all that i remember, the moment we have eye contact or even when we pass by and the sleeve of our shirt touch - there will be catfight =,= yes, that's how bad it was. Then came some truth crashing down, and i can't help to notice that she's like a pillar of support to me, protective and encouraging and not forgetting believing in me. All the time when i was younger, i always long for a protective older brother and envy my friends who have one - and den i realize what i want in a big brother has earlier on been given to me in the form of an older sister. So yeaps, here is saying thank you for being there whenever i need you - despite the fact that you are far away from home, you took the time to care if everything is ok be it with me or with the family. Many might not understand my actions or thinking, and at times you might reject my decisions like a responsible adult -but deep down i know if i insist, you will be supportive, and be there for me if i ever fall to pick up the pieces. thank you for giving me all the opportunity to enjoy what i could enjoy, and more! thank you for pampering me, and giving in to my childish demands of wanting macaroons, pictures, and the endless supply of Manga(s).

And as for wen wen... i dunno, i guess you satisfy my need to pamper lil sister, though we have our frustrated and annoyed moments- deep down me loves you very much. thanks for being my secret bearer when i need to load stuff out of my system, and well, just being there when i needed someone to be. And of course, me has fun bullying you! buauahahah! Don't complain that ur paragraph is shorted than dodo's - well coz technically i spent more years with her than with you :p buahahaha

conclusion? Me is thankful to have both of you as my sisters, and me loves you guys loads! :D

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