Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How not to love your friends?

If you were to ask me, there is 1001 reasons to love your friends, and to appreciate them ofcourse. Out of the blues today (I've decided to be sentimental), and oh well, do a post of friends appreciation - more like how much and why i appreciate them.

Let's start with the very recent one... let's see, 5 mins ago, i tweeted that i was annoyed by my very "adorable" brother, and oh well Charis asked if I wanted her to slap him on my behalf. To which I happily replied YES! and what she did? She sent me...

and a few hours back. I kinda spilled my drink all over the floor of the study area due to my own carelessness (see Farrah! I'm taking responsibility [that is if u're reading this] embarrassed). Both Farrah and Aliza didn't even bother with the weird stares that were given by people around us, and helped me clean up the area...taking strings of tissue after strings of tissue from the toilet! And Farrah even stayed back longer than she needed to just so to accompany me :)

And few years back,in CIMP - I have bibi and sarah day in day out to joke with, and talk nonsense with. Not to mention the amount of "advice" that we get from one another.

And rewind back to the many year of my life before me, my high school gang - the AKUMA..non other than Li Lynn (the beautiful pressie), Fiona (the almighty vicey), Yuki aka Michelle aka Chooi Yee (the sexay right hand "man"), and Jessica (the crabby prince :p) - they have always been there whenever i needed a good laugh, and they make my high school experience an AWESOME 1! :D

Thank you to all of you that has turn my smile up the right way when it has been put on by me the wrong way down :)

Oh! this is a "girlfriend" only post :p
P/S: if you feel like you should be included in this post, drop me a line :D and i'll consider it.

Now for the 2nd part of the post, the boyfriend post :D

Hey baby! me no forgets you.
Thank you for putting up with all my princess tantrums, and making me smile whenever I'm down down :D ~

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