Monday, March 21, 2011

Cute cuddly Puppay!

*blows of dust and webs on the blog* OMG! dejavu or what?
Yeah yeah, i blog is as good as dead..but, but, but *tries to think of excuses and fail* yeap...u got me! I'm a lazy worm! so what? *defensive mode on*

:D anyway, i promised to update a more recent picture of the new addition to the family, Fifi! isn't she adorable?

and guess what?! i did something more, check out this video of her trying to EAT my camera! Look at the cuteness! Kyaaaa~! XD


Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Mindset :)

Credit of picture: Facebook page of a friend :)

How true it is, that most of the time we are grounded and limited by our own mindset. Guess the whole mindset is influence by many factors that could affect our self-esteem, self-wort, or confidence.

Learned Helplessness is simply the same thing. Clouded by our own shortcomings/failures- we couldn't see the difference/alternatives in situations that we could probably deal with

Just a random thought.... ~♥