Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Writing Mojo~ come back to me!


Happy 2011!!

to all who stumble upon this blog by accident/ fellow blogwalkers / friends & family
Hope you guys had a great time celebrating (guess some of us are still celebrating :p)

and yes! I've realize my lack of posting in the past one month or so..don't blame me though~ Someone still my writing mojo! LOL~ not funny =,= i know

Guess I just have my laziness to blame...but hey! once you've master the art of procrastination and learn the joy of it...well~ ur looking at the end! :p

So here's a quick point form update of what has been happening in my life....

  • gotten my 4th Sem. results (Year 2 Sem 1)
  • Started my 5th Sem (Yr 2 Sem 2)
  • Short Visit to Singapore
  • First exposure of a bridal visit
  • CnY shopping (a brief one)
  • More dramas from home
  • ... and the list goes on

Will give a better update soon, i guess!
for's sleep time!
Nite~ ♥

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