Monday, February 07, 2011

More than just flowers...

It's amazing how something so simple could convey a meaningful message.
I've been fascinated by the meanings of certain flowers for some time now... My 1st encounter with flowers (and knowing the meaning behind it) was some years back where my sister was involve in some "valentines project". Got to know that certain flowers mean something, even the colour and the amount given plays a part. Ofcouse back then, i couldn't careless - was just a fascination that i got over with quick.

Then my interest spark again with a Manga that centers around "flower arrangement" and the drawings were so beautiful - I was then reminded of why i love watching nature so much. I went crazy snapping pictures of flowers in some "park" or "garden" in Cameron...and i particularly one of the flowers there...didn't know the name until recently

is the name... it has such a deep meaning and beautiful history... read about it in an article called The Meaning of the Blue Hydrangea

Awesome, den i proceed to Google what would Hydrangea look like in a bouquet, and look at all the beautiful results i have! :D the colour combi of some, and the arrangement of others...and they are GORGEOUS *goes crazy*

This is definitely my favourite out of the lot! so awesome :D and the colour is just perfect~ *dreamy mode = on*

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