Thursday, February 24, 2011

Confused Librarian- the use of "-ing"

Well, what is “eating”, “drinking”, and “talking”?
People add “–ing” to a word for a reason, to describe it being an action, no?

Why am I being bitchy about this even though I don’t have the best English vocabulary, standards, ability or whatsoever?

You see, I brought some CNY cookies for my friends to eat, and well, naturally we cannot finish everything. So we pack everything, went to the library and do our assignments - and the cookies? they were just on the table..close lid! not opened, in the plastic bag - and hell! i swear we were just doing our own stuff and not eating. So many of the library staff walked by, and didn't say anything. Out of nowhere, some OLD WOMAN! came...

Guess what? she approached us on the table and said,

"excuse me, *points to the bag of cookies* please put this outside. You are not allowed to eat in the library."


It is food, as in FOOD! Not EATING!

I wouldn’t have been so pissed if she had reasoned it out nicely like for example by telling us that others might have misunderstood that we were eating, and maybe request us to keep it by our side instead on the! she have to go highlight to us the freaking rules

“it says here *points to rule paper* ‘no eating, drinking and talking strictly’, STRICTLY. So please go put this *points at cookies* outside”

I wouldn’t have been so pissed if she didn’t emphasize the effing “strictly” when it doesn’t even make sense? I mean, did u see us eating?! Bloody hell…Felt like slapping her face! So stuff the cookie down her throat and show her what is eating or the meaning of “-ing” is all about …it is stuff-ING! When I force the cookies down your throat, dammit!

and suddenly in my eyes, she became this!:p

And best part, you know what she says after?
“for drinking, we only tolerate water….” .

It’s your own librarian’s fault for not telling us when we telling us that eating is strictly prohibited when u see the food (and we were doing our work) , is the equivalent to accusing! There u have it the action that says u accuse! – accusING!

And if in the event, she mentioned "no food and drinks allowed in the library" instead of "eating, drinking, and talking STRICTLY prohibited" - I would have apologize sincerely...
by her saying the latter "rule". She, herself has go against the rule...why?
well she was TALKING to us! =,=
Confuse much? this librarian honestly need to set her rules right :p

Credits of the two pictures goes to: Small Review Blog


-Pinkie ChiRa- said...

Hahahaha. We only tolerate water. Epic hahahahaha. >.<''''

Jaslyn Miki said...

Tell me about it...
I splash water on her den she know...nyahahaha! den she can add a new rule

"splashING STRICTLY prohibited" :p