Friday, December 17, 2010

LaSenza Live Mannequin ♥

Special thanks to Jessica for bringing me to the show :D
Me has loads of fun ^^ What show?

Here is a some of the pictures that is taken today...
Teatime with Jessica~

The new branch of Rotiboy is open in Pyramid, and i just realized. I kinda like the atmosphere there, but the bread on display is kinda cold - and i din manage to ask if ..well they could heat it up for me. Note to self: should as for food heating service. and OMG the buttermilk rotiboy is just awesome ~ ♥

Afta that we went to shop for a birthday present for a friend, and head on ova to LaSenze, Pyramid to have a look, and tadaaaaa!the show *winks* the models in total presented 10 collection ^^

After the show? Look at the awesome crowd! :p

If u like LaSenza, head on over the their facebook page @ LaSenza Malaysia

You can even check out some of the promotion that is available right now.During the show, the staff members gave out "passports" which contains coupons like

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