Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hello Kitty Online (HKO)

It's awesome! yeah, i know I'm bias that way- coz I ♥ Hello Kitty. But seriously? I find that the game is not too bad, but knowing me, I get bored of it Ultra Fast. So i have to so call "detox" 2-3 days after playing it for one day - or else I'll discard the game earlier than expected =,=

The game is kinda easy to learn, and you'll get a hang of it very fast.Let's see, the game is like a combination of many facebook games :p
Basically, you create a character, and you'll go through a "training ground" call the "Dream Carnival" (sounds so fantasy like - i ♥) and there you'll learn the game...acquire skills and get a hang of the game. But whatever you've learned in Dream Carnival will not be valid when you leave for the "real world"

Saa, this is the game trailer :)

and this is the "Game Intro"
when you leave "dream carnival" this is the screen you will see. Basically this will summarize the Aim of the game :)

and this is how the game looks like ^^

See! it's not too bad, I've seen a few guys playing (although i'm not too sure if they are really guys - but the way the speak sounds like it)
and oh yeah! beware of occasional "full of themselves" players such as....
In case you guys can't see, this "nice" player said
"I'm using this
So get lost"

Rude, ne~?
Oh, before I forget the YouTube videos doesn't belong it belongs to those that upload them ^^

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