Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hello Kitty Online (HKO)

It's awesome! yeah, i know I'm bias that way- coz I ♥ Hello Kitty. But seriously? I find that the game is not too bad, but knowing me, I get bored of it Ultra Fast. So i have to so call "detox" 2-3 days after playing it for one day - or else I'll discard the game earlier than expected =,=

The game is kinda easy to learn, and you'll get a hang of it very fast.Let's see, the game is like a combination of many facebook games :p
Basically, you create a character, and you'll go through a "training ground" call the "Dream Carnival" (sounds so fantasy like - i ♥) and there you'll learn the game...acquire skills and get a hang of the game. But whatever you've learned in Dream Carnival will not be valid when you leave for the "real world"

Saa, this is the game trailer :)

and this is the "Game Intro"
when you leave "dream carnival" this is the screen you will see. Basically this will summarize the Aim of the game :)

and this is how the game looks like ^^

See! it's not too bad, I've seen a few guys playing (although i'm not too sure if they are really guys - but the way the speak sounds like it)
and oh yeah! beware of occasional "full of themselves" players such as....
In case you guys can't see, this "nice" player said
"I'm using this
So get lost"

Rude, ne~?
Oh, before I forget the YouTube videos doesn't belong it belongs to those that upload them ^^

Sunday, December 26, 2010

How was your Christmas?

Happy Christmas Everyone! :D
Spent xmas eve with special ppl (u kw who u are) and bought some awesome xmas cookie
Aren't they adorable? :D

On Christmas morning, i have to be up as early as 6am to go to the market....and trust me, the sun hasn't even rise yet when i reach the market? For what am i there that early in the morning? For the dinner later at night ofcourse

Omg, it felt like my grandma and uncle wanted to buy the whole market! I'm serious ^^"

the left ova was enough to feed me lunch and dinner ova the next two days...imagine that =,=

Okay, ending for room time :(

Friday, December 24, 2010

Allow to do what....?

Ok...some overdue post that i meant to post, and left in my "draft" due to my awesome finals which i have yet to hear about my results and i'm worrying about it like there is no 2moro...ok..i'm blabbing too much

Anyway, the main point is...the Canopy Walk is done! For those who don't know what it is, it's juz a bridge that links Sunway campus to Pyramid ^^
and guess what are the rules?

No climbing
No running
No skating
No throwing rubbish
No drinking?
No smoking and...


No kidding look! :p
i guess it just mean that "we might slip and fall"
just wanted to make fun of the vague signage :D

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hello Kitty Craze in Bedroom

I was in KL one day with my mom - to be precise I was in Sogo. We were waiting for dad to get things done. Was in a SUPER BAD MOOD MODE!

Earlier that day, I was in the clinic, and when I was about to pay - i realize that there were $$$ MISSING from my wallet...yeah, that explains my super bad mood mode...

But anyway, instant cheer up when i see these~!

Imagine my face when i say this :p SO CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE!

this bed give me the fairy princessy feeeeeel~ *goes into dreaming mode*
Look at the diff paterns! and colours~

What other way to cheer oneself up than to indulge in something one like? ~ ♥ in this case...LOVE! HELLO KITTY~

Den i ask my mom to buy the pillowcase for me...and her reply was

"you crazy ar? One case is RM70++, u buy urself lar"


Friday, December 17, 2010

LaSenza Live Mannequin ♥

Special thanks to Jessica for bringing me to the show :D
Me has loads of fun ^^ What show?

Here is a some of the pictures that is taken today...
Teatime with Jessica~

The new branch of Rotiboy is open in Pyramid, and i just realized. I kinda like the atmosphere there, but the bread on display is kinda cold - and i din manage to ask if ..well they could heat it up for me. Note to self: should as for food heating service. and OMG the buttermilk rotiboy is just awesome ~ ♥

Afta that we went to shop for a birthday present for a friend, and head on ova to LaSenze, Pyramid to have a look, and tadaaaaa!the show *winks* the models in total presented 10 collection ^^

After the show? Look at the awesome crowd! :p

If u like LaSenza, head on over the their facebook page @ LaSenza Malaysia

You can even check out some of the promotion that is available right now.During the show, the staff members gave out "passports" which contains coupons like

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Season of the Witch is Here

The title season of the witch must have reminded some of you about Halloween, right? I mean, what other day would best signify the existence of the witches?
But no, I’m not gonna talk about the “season” or the “day” itself~ let’s start with the witches and then on to the movie *winks*.

Well, the purpose of me writing this blogpost about witches and all is so that i can win tickets from Nuffnang to watch "The Season of the Witch" and hopefully get the other "magical" prize as well :D So, why not share the movie with you guys before i move on? :D

Season of the witch

Tadaa~ the poster itself is enough to send chills down my spine~ I've always been interested in this type of genre.. u kw ..the werewolves, vampires, magical beings, witches~ Heck! u should see the collection of story books that i have in these genre! *rubs the books on the bookshelves "my previous"*

Back to topic~ "season of the witch" is awesome, and here are some vids that i wanna share ^^ (ofcoz it doesn't belong to me^^, dun be silly)

Try telling me it's not awesome...word of warning, i might knw some witchcraft *winks*

So, what do u think of when the word “WITCHES” is flashed in your mind?

Let me guess~

The pretty, charming, sophisticated, and brilliant Hermione Granger? (or characters of Harry Potter, or Harry Potter in general)
I meant the series, not the character Harry Potter itself =,=


How about….Charmed? the sisters who stick together no matter what, not forgetting their guardian *winks*


Hmmm? Sabrina the teenage witch? With the brilliant black cat, Salem. (I’ve always love the cat~ )

Well, these are the modern witches~ does any1 remember how the older versions are like?

On broomstick?

Green Face?


Super Ugly?!

Yeap, despite all said and done, what is it that scares me the most about witches?
well, there are a number of reasons

1. they are different and more "powerful" so to speak...i mean, if they don't like me, they can very well make me

a.vomit slugs *ewwwww*

b. turn me into a frog CROAKS! *covers mouth* opps~!

c. Even worst, command the snake to eat me afta i become a frog *aaaaaaaaaah!*

2. I have to becareful everytime i eat an Apple because i won't kw if this woman messed with it, or have given some to the aunty in the market to sell it =,=
3. I am worry that everytime i sleep, i won't wake up in the morning thanks to the "all-so-beautiful" curse that this "lady" has to offer

4.Last but not least,

with looks like that, who's to say that she won't steal my boyfriend~! *kiasu-ness*

Well, I actually have more than 4 reasons~ and the post is getting a bit too long, so to save some of ur time...i've narrowed it down... ^^

*waves wand*
Salaga-doola, menchika-boola, Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo. Put them together, and what have you got? Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo. Salaga-doola, menchika-boola, Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo. It will do magic, believe it or not, Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo. Now, "Salagadoola" means, "A-Menchika-boola-roo," but the the thingamabob, that does the job, is "Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo...

*poof* get's tickets to watch "The Season of the Witch"grand price of D/2N stay in Hard Rock Hotel Penang Studio Suite with Kings Club Access worth RM2000!

P/S: the spell is taken from here, it's a quote from the Fairy God Mother of Cinderella :p

Life of a student~

Tell me this is not true :p
This picture is awesome, and well, it is true to a certain extend.

The picture doesn't belong to me though, saw it and thought i wanna share with u guys :), the credit goes to a post in by Danielle Lav