Monday, November 22, 2010

Psycho Friends

Before I start with what happened...I need you to think about this

"Things that your friend does to you or for you - When they are stress"

Now, with that thought in your mind..Imagine this:

You are having this terrible migraine/headache that is threatening to break your head into two (from within may I add). And well, you have a friend over at your place to hang out/study/work/or any activity that you can think of to do with your friend in your house. The headache gets better, and worse, and worst, and better again, and ...oh well, the cycle continues.

Being the stubborn you who doesn't want to give in to pain, so you did not take Panadol (pain killers!)- but yet, u wail and whine for your friend to do something about your head...

What would the likely response of the friend that you have thought of earlier?
(again, the friend you were suppose to associate this story to, is kinda stress)

Want to know what my dear friend, Farrah did?

Yes! this is exactly what she did!!!!!

I was on the bed, toss,turn,and roll - coz well, isn't it obvious? - I'm in PAIN!
yeah, so i went

"Farraaaaaah! please do something, my head really hurt"

and Farrah, at that point was near my "study table", and spotted something yellow...

and me still on the bed wailing with my eyes close, and suddenly!

Farrah came and BAM! there was something on my head...
See~ what friends would do to you when they are stress too! :p
~♥~ but i did have a good laugh after, i guess to a certain extend, the note did work ;-)

Thanks Frrh~!

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