Thursday, November 18, 2010

Persuasive Presentation~

Persuasion, something that I think that I'm not good at. Now, it's time to confirm my perception, how? u may ask.

By My Marks OF COURSE! ----> but i guess, we're in..our lecturer said that our presentation was ok, so i know it's not a failing grade.

Oh! Did i mention that my partner this time is Aliza?
Our topic for this presentation was ..Divorce: A good solution for the children.

We did our presentation to persuade couples who are in a problematic relationship (extreme problematic, we meant) to NOT stay in the relationship, even more..NOT to use their children as excuse for staying.

Yik Peng and Deena presented on a very emotional topic...some of us cried in class because of the video that they made. guess what wast their topic..

"do not send your parents to the old folks home"

I think it's a good topic, and their presentation was real good. A lot of people should realize the emotional trauma that these old folks are experiencing. There was an example given..
"this family lie to the old folk to say that they were going to a nice place and it's quite a distance. So the old fold, convinced, follow the family members..they drop him/her (dun quite remember the gender) at the old folks home, and they never came back since."

How cruel and humans be? Don't they know that the old folks have feelings too?

Ok..gotta end my post here..real tired *saddy*

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