Sunday, November 21, 2010

Car block?

ok, i'm updating so the sake of lar~!
I'm just bored of studying, and wanna update my blog - and i have no time for long ass posts =( so i thought of posting this short post :D

Planned it sometime back, but well...things happen :p

SO here we are!
You know how police men do road blocks ite? they narrow down the road by putting those cones~ and some ppl block parking spaces with cones ite...
guess what i say in uni on the way to take my car~

and now i close up :) [coz i'm nice that way :p]

now...why would any driver wanna put cones on their own car... or ..more importantly, why would anyone else want to put cones on this fella's car..hehehe~

~ ♥
back to studying =,=


Memories Of My Love said...

The car owner did not put it on himself/herself.. Its the Guard's warning not to park at the spot again so I've heard...

Jaslyn Miki said...

OMG~! so horrible lar the guard!
Ever heard of "written warning" ?
so rude to do that lor, imagine if the cone scratch the car - the guard pay back ar?

If it's my car, the guards sure gone case dy lor...complain until the whole uni can collapse =,=