Saturday, November 06, 2010


Wait! don't kill me yet~!
I have valid reasons for not updating! I can list them~

1. I was sick for almost a week, and most of the time I am "drugged"

2. I was (still am) buried under assignments - deadlines are close to one another =(

3. Finals is approaching! i need grades~

I'm already in Year 2,so from this sem onwards, everything goes into my cgpa *dang!*

Just handed in a critical review today, and went to Pacific Coffee to study with Aliza, Charis, and Farrah...then Baby dropped by to accompany me for a bit before heading off to gym ^^ got some work done today - finished my dataset...then we were left idle for awhile, as the server for the library is down, so we can't access any journals what so ever ...yeah! it's that bad..sighs~

P/S: non of the pictures used above belongs to me =D

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