Monday, November 22, 2010

Psycho Friends

Before I start with what happened...I need you to think about this

"Things that your friend does to you or for you - When they are stress"

Now, with that thought in your mind..Imagine this:

You are having this terrible migraine/headache that is threatening to break your head into two (from within may I add). And well, you have a friend over at your place to hang out/study/work/or any activity that you can think of to do with your friend in your house. The headache gets better, and worse, and worst, and better again, and ...oh well, the cycle continues.

Being the stubborn you who doesn't want to give in to pain, so you did not take Panadol (pain killers!)- but yet, u wail and whine for your friend to do something about your head...

What would the likely response of the friend that you have thought of earlier?
(again, the friend you were suppose to associate this story to, is kinda stress)

Want to know what my dear friend, Farrah did?

Yes! this is exactly what she did!!!!!

I was on the bed, toss,turn,and roll - coz well, isn't it obvious? - I'm in PAIN!
yeah, so i went

"Farraaaaaah! please do something, my head really hurt"

and Farrah, at that point was near my "study table", and spotted something yellow...

and me still on the bed wailing with my eyes close, and suddenly!

Farrah came and BAM! there was something on my head...
See~ what friends would do to you when they are stress too! :p
~♥~ but i did have a good laugh after, i guess to a certain extend, the note did work ;-)

Thanks Frrh~!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Car block?

ok, i'm updating so the sake of lar~!
I'm just bored of studying, and wanna update my blog - and i have no time for long ass posts =( so i thought of posting this short post :D

Planned it sometime back, but well...things happen :p

SO here we are!
You know how police men do road blocks ite? they narrow down the road by putting those cones~ and some ppl block parking spaces with cones ite...
guess what i say in uni on the way to take my car~

and now i close up :) [coz i'm nice that way :p]

now...why would any driver wanna put cones on their own car... or ..more importantly, why would anyone else want to put cones on this fella's car..hehehe~

~ ♥
back to studying =,=

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Persuasive Presentation~

Persuasion, something that I think that I'm not good at. Now, it's time to confirm my perception, how? u may ask.

By My Marks OF COURSE! ----> but i guess, we're in..our lecturer said that our presentation was ok, so i know it's not a failing grade.

Oh! Did i mention that my partner this time is Aliza?
Our topic for this presentation was ..Divorce: A good solution for the children.

We did our presentation to persuade couples who are in a problematic relationship (extreme problematic, we meant) to NOT stay in the relationship, even more..NOT to use their children as excuse for staying.

Yik Peng and Deena presented on a very emotional topic...some of us cried in class because of the video that they made. guess what wast their topic..

"do not send your parents to the old folks home"

I think it's a good topic, and their presentation was real good. A lot of people should realize the emotional trauma that these old folks are experiencing. There was an example given..
"this family lie to the old folk to say that they were going to a nice place and it's quite a distance. So the old fold, convinced, follow the family members..they drop him/her (dun quite remember the gender) at the old folks home, and they never came back since."

How cruel and humans be? Don't they know that the old folks have feelings too?

Ok..gotta end my post here..real tired *saddy*

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Funny Opinion of "Plant vs. Zombie"

You guys do know the game "plant vs. zombie" ite?
What do u think of it?

I have the game, but I've not played it yet...seen my boyfriend play it~
and i personally find it cute :p

Here's a video of my two friends' opinion on plant vs zombie, one of the them is "pro" and the other 'anti" :p

Should watch, it's funny, especially her expression at the end :p

"Who uses plants properly? O.O" (Aliza,2010)

p/s: this video is posted as an apology for not updating for a looooooooooooooooooooong time :p

Sunday, November 07, 2010


OMG~! I'm so liking the website's A-W-E-S-O-M-E~! like are some of the pictures that i managed to play with :D

If you guys are wondering, the last picture is my brother~

Go have fun! :D this site is totally awesome..credits to CLEO Magazine..coz i found the link there :p PhotoFunia is the site! there's a lot of template~ :D

Saturday, November 06, 2010


Wait! don't kill me yet~!
I have valid reasons for not updating! I can list them~

1. I was sick for almost a week, and most of the time I am "drugged"

2. I was (still am) buried under assignments - deadlines are close to one another =(

3. Finals is approaching! i need grades~

I'm already in Year 2,so from this sem onwards, everything goes into my cgpa *dang!*

Just handed in a critical review today, and went to Pacific Coffee to study with Aliza, Charis, and Farrah...then Baby dropped by to accompany me for a bit before heading off to gym ^^ got some work done today - finished my dataset...then we were left idle for awhile, as the server for the library is down, so we can't access any journals what so ever ...yeah! it's that bad..sighs~

P/S: non of the pictures used above belongs to me =D

Thursday, November 04, 2010


Stumble on this proposal video on Facebook ..shared by a friend, Starrie Shine ^^
It's so awesome, cause,'s kinda real :D i actually cried watching it...well...not tears of sadness ..DUH! it was more like i was touched by how the guy is well thoughtful, and he really went through the whole thing even though it was evident that he was as nervous as hell ^^

Happy watching~ :D