Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Two Year Mark~

Special numbers this year huh? first it was 10.10.10 which marks my 22nd birthday...and few days later 20.10.2010 which marks OUR ANNIVERSARY~♥...

I think it's amazing how we have made it this far...
And relationship being a commitment and interaction between two person...we have had our ups and downs and I'm glad that we have manage to make it this far (and i hope more ^^)

We did not celebrate much, just spent quality time together, and i've enjoyed every moment of it.

Baby was being considerate the entire time, i was nodding of a few times coz I've pulled a all nighter the night before *cries*

the afternoon was spent in Pacific Coffee (in Puchong) some place we've discovered not long ago :D and later had dinner in some food court in Puchong afta an adventure of discovering it *laughs*

~ ♥

Here are some pictures to share~ :D

Pacific Coffee, Puchong

Cake & Coffee


We then venture abit around that area, and found this food court...which wasn't too bad... ^^ all in all,i had loads of fun..and I'm looking fwd to the many anniversaries that we would be sharing in the future~ ♥

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