Saturday, October 16, 2010

Train the Trainer

One presentation down, and a few more others to go - not forgetting the many assignments that are due S-O-O-N...

Anyway, this time around the team;the trio; the crazies; the three blind mice did a presentation for the Train the Trainers in EduPsych class...guess what's our topic...come on! I'm sure u can do it...

Guess it yet???

How about now???

Give up??

Ok..ok..I'll give you the answer...NOW~

We did a presentation on "presentation skills" ....

Why is it that for a moment, i thought i saw crows fly by with loads and loads of "...." and "swt"?
Must be hallucinating...once again..

But i was quite happy with the presentation, we kinda Nailed away...
Ofcoz from our side, we are 4eva not happy with the effort that we have put in, and we always think that it's not enough...but how true is it? There is currently no valid measurement to measure..why? Our results are not out yet what :p

Feedback was quite positive from the participants, namely our own classmates....from Ms.C, there were better comments as the comments were constructive, points out the good and the bad points of our own presentation skills

Overall, I'm happy that it's over and done...Next up on Tuesday is another presentation for Comm Skills... this time, I'm team with Aliza =)

"Happy Working with you, Partner" *winks*

We will be talking about some history of Diney's Mickey Mouse *cheers*

Hopefully our coursemate will be looking forward to our presentation, and be more co-operative!

Here's a pic of the three of us after the hard work : p

Yeap..that's us...the three blind mice :p

~ ♥ ~

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