Friday, October 22, 2010

How to tell when you should dump your boyfriend

Recently for communication skills class, we were required to conduct a informative presentation...either in pairs or solo ^^ One of my course-mate presented the above was funny and interesting because of the examples that was given..she had another male course-mate (may i point out that he is the only male in that class) to act out the response of a "bf" that she's gonna dump.... N his face throughout was u can imagine how hard i laughed.
Funny ite~ i like the part where the guy is like holding on to the gal's leg..damn funny! the whole class broke into anyway...below are some of her points (as far as i can remember =( )
You should break up with your bf when:
  1. He is not considerate anymore
  2. He is too possessive to the extend of being physically violent
  3. You are out of the loop

and there were two more others, which i have conveniently forgot! *hides in shame*

in case u guys are wondering, i did a pair work (as mention in my previous post) me has worked with Aliza, and we presented about the history of Mickey Mouse.
Glad that the response were not too bad..and i kinda is satisfied with the outcome...i mean as far as the amount of prep dat we had =p

OMG~! NOW i feel like i'm betraying....
My Hello Kitty~! ♥

FYI: Non of the pictures and video in this blogpost belong to me =)


ken said...

being too possessive is a bad thing :)

Jaslyn Miki said...

Yeah~ the guy in the clip? Scary man >,<
i think i'll cry if my bf is like that...