Saturday, October 23, 2010

Crime Prevention "Workshop" 2010

Feeling abit miserable now - for this week, I've been in Uni 6/7 days~ Cool ite? NOT! sighs...

so anyway, was back in Uni to be student helper for the above workshop. I've attended the same workshop back in Nov'2009, but back then it was way way cooler and well, maybe more interesting.

Was helping out with the registration in the morning, and you'll be amaze on
how some people do not know how to queue *swt much*
even more SOME who do not know how to help, when clearly that said person is suppose 2 *swt even more*

OMG~ i had the most annoyed morning ever - courtesy to the "nuisance" that was there...FYI, "nuisance" being human..don't even wanna talk about it here - oh well, i'm considerate that way :p what is that person stumble upon my dear blog :p (actually it's juz the fact that she annoyed me with 1001 things - and i'm lazy to list em out)

Anyway, this is my partner of the day...

We did registration and wrote certs together, and she kept me company~ so thank lyssa! :D owh~ and i must add that we loiter together LOL~ and she had fun with some worm game on my laptop~ :p

After the wrap up of the event, we drove ova to the Hospital to get BIBI and we hanged out in Fullhouse,Pyramid...


Mushroom Soup (bibi's)

Dessert Set @ Rm29.90 for 3 desserts **

Yummies~ I won't mind eating those again, if someone is willing to share ^^

signing off with ♥ ~

P/S: This is a shoutout for Bibi's boyfriend : GET WELL SOON~! ^^

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