Sunday, September 26, 2010

Writer's block?

I've been ignoring my blog for sometime now...then again, ignoring seems like such a strong word,no? more like abandoning...equally as strong...sighs... how about...lacking attention..better? =D

I'll be having a presentation tomorrow, it's going to be a group presentation with Aliza and Charis as my teammates~ Hopefully we will do good..coz..well truthfully, there are too much on our hands. Anyway, presentation tomorrow is like a workshop..the main title is "train the trainer" and our topic is "presentation skills" it's funny when someone ask me, what are u presenting..and my answer would be

"I am presenting on Presentation skills" =,=lllllll

So wish me luck~ Hopefully i can keep my composure and present properly...need my marks...BAD! =(


Encik Lah said...

Salam...please..saya baru buat blog..ley follow saya x? Saya follow awak.... baru senang saya tgk blog awak lau awak muncul kt followers saya...terima kasih.

Jaslyn Miki said...

Hey Encik Lah!
I followed ur blog, thanks for ur visit =)